Living Hotel Frankfurt

Mailänderstraße 8
60598 Frankfurt, Deutschland
fax +49 (0)69 - 247 534-499

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In our newest Living Hotel, we have worked hard to tear down the barriers and borders that characterize the classic hotel business. Gone are the rituals, the artificial room dividers and the standoffishness toward guests! In their place, we have put human beings, plenty of pure German “Gemütlichkeit” and lots of room ‑ for encounters with neighbors and guests from all over the world.

When we say lots of room, we are referring to our Living Room. It is our notion of the modern lobby: loosen your tie, toss your high-heels into the corner. Relax on huge sofas, indulge in a snack, a fine drink, have an awesome conversation or just grab a little downtime perusing a book. Whatever you do, please feel at home as you do it!

Our employees will gladly help you accomplish that. They are not just name plates but people who can make things happen for you an maybe offer you an inside tip ‑ we want them to be really good hosts who, together with you, fill our newest Living Hotel with life. No attitudes, no stiffness, just lots of empathy.

But what would a second home be without suitable rooms? Our rooms and apartments are packed with of good ideas and stylish design; we offer rooms with character, both modern and classy. Here you have the room to work undisturbed when you need to or relax after the work is done. Turn the TV on and off, as you please. Freshen up and then mosey on down to the Living Room for a nightcap.

Experience the newest and most modern Living Hotel. Discover how hospitality feels. It’s located right in the middle of the nicest neighborhood in Frankfurt. We look forward to welcoming you.