For most, Sachsenhausen is the best of Frankfurt’s neighborhoods. And our Living Hotel is to be found right smack in the middle of it. In short, we are the very definition of prime location.

Frankfurt’s vast municipal forest with its more than 19 square miles of greenery is almost right in front of the hotel door ‑ a dream location for joggers, hikers and fresh air fiends. Also just a stone’s throw away: Frankfurt’s museum riverbank (“Museumsufer”), home to more than 15 museums along the delightful Main River ‑ hence the name. If you’ve got a taste for culture, you’ll need to head over there. But for all you low-brows or when you’re feeling like one, the Schweizer Straße (“Swiss Street”) makes quite a stomping ground and ‑ you guessed it ‑ it’s just a short walk away. Bars, taverns, vibrant city life ‑ the banking quarter off in the distance ‑ you can’t get any more Frankfurt than that.

And best of all, our hosts will gladly guide you. In case you need a tip from an insider, like where to get a fantastic meal or where you can party a little, all you need to do is ask!

If on the other hand you are looking for a quiet evening with a good film in your room, we have in “TEGUT” a fantastically well-stocked supermarket right in our building that is open from Monday through Saturday until 10:00 pm. Finding something to go should be easy.


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