Living Room

We asked ourselves what would happen if we simply omitted the classic hotel lobby. No reception desk, no columns, no vintage rooms full on nooks and crannies. Instead: just ROOM ‑ for what counts. Room for your arrival and first impression, room for encounters with our hosts, room to catch your breath after a long trip, room for that welcome-home feeling. As soon as you step through our door. With quick Check-in and Check-out because we know that anything else bugs you.

So what would happen if we filled the space we would gain with something different? With something that has never been done before? We would call it the Living Room®. And we would turn this Living Room® into a genuine living room for all our guests. With sofas and armchairs to relax and put your feet up. With a free-standing bar for after-work encounters. With shelves full of favorite books our hosts have selected for you. With divine lamps that bestow warm light. With quiet places where you can work. With big windows through which you can observe the goings-on in beautiful Sachsenhausen. With a diversified menu for a big hunger or a small one. With hosts who anticipate your every wish and meet you on an equal footing. We could turn this living room into a place for encounters. Between guests and hosts, between our hotel and the enchanting neighborhood. Maybe we’ll organize an occasional evening of theater in this living room featuring artists from near and far? And maybe we’ll even have a Happy Hour because Happy Hours are pure fun? Yes, a living room like that wouldn’t be such a bad idea, would it?

Precisely for that reason, we have done it precisely that way.
As we said, the evening of theater takes place every first thursday in the month.
The Living Room®. Our Lobby 2.0


Open Stage:

On the first Thursday of every month, it’s time for “Open Stage” in our Living Room. From 7:00 pm on, you can enjoy live music, comedy, artistry and much more, all without any admission charge. You will find more information, upcoming dates, and information on applications to perform here.

Vinyl Night:

To celebrate the end of the week, we invite you to attend our Vinyl Night which takes place every Friday evening, starting immediately. Do you have an old record at home? Why not drop into our Living Room and let us play it not just for you but for all of the other guests in attendance as well.

Jazz? We Can!

Beginning in October, you have the possibility of discovering whatever new sounds the young German jazz scene is generating: from modern to techno-jazz, from piano power to sensational voices and all that without any admission fee. Information about our upcoming artists and dates can be found here.