In the Living Hotel Frankfurt, we are doing some things differently. For example, in the fitness room. If you like to exercise and like to try something different, you will love our “Feel Good Room”. Here we are working with our partners, Pavigym and TRX.

What that means is this: You train sparingly and efficiently. With exercises that take place on colorful pads or are performed with resistance bands. Does that sound peculiar? It isn’t. With “Functional Training”, you strengthen your body gently and efficiently because with less emphasis on raw muscular strength, there is less risk of injury. But is it any fun? Endlessly. See the colorful marks on the pictures? That is your training regime. Every mark means fascinating new exercises (that you are shown on the display screens or you can have our hosts show them to you). They’re up to it and in no time, you will have forgotten all about Barbells, Inc. We are already eager to see what kind of personal records you will be able to achieve in our fitness room!

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