Living Hotels Wofür Wir Stehen Serviced Apartments

What we offer

We offer you living space. Our Serviced Apartments are ideal for long-term guests. Meanwhile, our hotel rooms are the ideal choice for short-term guests and all those who only want to stay the night. Included in every room: excellent service, beautiful design and the warm feeling of being at home.

Serviced Apartments – your apartment in a hotel

Living Hotels’ Serviced Apartments are our cost-effective solution for business travelers who want to stay in one place for longer – starting at seven nights. Design your serviced apartment the way you want and make use of our services that are designed to make your life easier. Enjoy the comfort of a hotel, combined with the advantages of your own rental apartment. Feel at home as you live and work away from home. Move in with us!

We also offer you spacious family rooms and maisonettes. Recreation for the whole family included.

Temporary living: Our services

Here you can find more information about our services for download.

Living Hotels Wofür Wir Stehen Serviced Apartments
Living Hotels Wofür Wir Stehen Serviced Apartments

Our Apartment Services

Neat and tidy

Dishes, bathroom, beds – we take care of it all, leaving you to get on with your work or explore the city. And if you need a break afterwards, you can relax in your clean serviced apartment. When it comes to our services, we have a rule: take advantage of them whenever you want, but only if you want them. You only pay for the services that are provided.

Haute couture

We’ll gladly do your laundry, whether it’s a tuxedo, men’s or women’s suit, shirt, dress or sportswear. You won’t have to make any long journeys to the nearest dry cleaner, and your favorite outfits will be ready exactly when you need them. The same rule applies here: you only pay for our laundry service if you use it. This is our definition of service.

It’s your choice

Arrive, stay and leave whenever you want. Whether it’s for a short time or for the duration of a project lasting several months: you can move in with us! We offer payment plans that are fair and transparent for all manner of short-term and long-term bookings. You also benefit from sensible check-in and check-out times and a team that responds to your specific needs. Forget the feeling of having to adapt to the hotel’s schedule. We adapt to you.

All inclusive

Our prices are exactly as stated. No hidden costs, no nasty surprises. Water, electricity and more are all included in the price. This makes it easier to plan your stay – from calculation to billing. Whether you’re booking for yourself or looking for the perfect home for your employees when working outside the office: you can count on us. In every respect.

Always tasty

Don’t feel like going out for dinner? Cook yourself something delicious in your very own kitchen or kitchenette. Whether you just want to quickly whip up something warm or create a Michelin star menu, our Serviced Apartments have everything you need. Self-catering can save you a lot of money, too. If, on the other hand, you do feel like going out for a meal, our partner restaurants will spoil you and our staff will be happy to advise you on the best spots in town.

Always reachable

High-speed internet via wifi in all rooms and public areas. It’s something we take for granted and it comes free of charge for our guests – so you can work at any time or say goodnight to your loved ones. When you live in a Living Hotel, you’re always connected to the world.

Freshly delivered

Whatever you need, we’re happy to do your shopping for you. If you need ingredients to cook up in your Serviced Apartment kitchenette, fresh pastries for the perfect morning or a few snacks for a cozy evening watching TV in bed, we’ll bring everything you need to your room. And if you need anything else, just let us know!


Recharge your batteries, relax and clear your head: take advantage of our in-house fitness facilities or the city’s most beautiful green spaces. From strength and endurance training to yoga and long walks, we have just the right program to help you stay fit and take on new tasks with renewed energy.

Around the clock

We’re just a phone call away. Whatever you need, any time of day. Our reception is always staffed. Our staff is always wide awake. You reside and live with us. We see ourselves as hosts and partners who do everything to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible. Be it for just a few days or for a longer stay, we’re here for you.

Just like home

Hang up pictures of your loved ones, put your favorite coffee cup in the cupboard, turn our four walls into your four walls. We want you to feel at home while you’re away from home. That’s why we’re inviting you to stay and live with us – according to your tastes, in an environment that is meaningful to you. You should always be able to feel at home away from home, especially if you move in with us for a longer period of time or at frequent intervals.

Always the best

Move into a serviced apartment and benefit from the best locations in the city. We are where you want to be. In the very heart of the most exciting cities, always within reach of what you need. Turn your serviced apartment into your own headquarters and explore the cultural highlights, embrace the nightlife, create your own personal oasis of peace or simply enjoy the short distances from your serviced apartment to work and back.

Take a deep breath – your hotel room

Not staying for long? All you need is a room. But not just any room: one that makes the whole experience better. With us you can look forward to more comfort, free drinks in the minibar, free high-speed wifi and much more. Lots of our hotel rooms are furnished with a fully equipped small kitchen or kitchenette as well – just as our apartments are. You’re much more than just a room number to us. You’re our guest. And that makes you our number one priority.