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I get by with a little help of my friends.
I get high with a little help of my friends.

This is the only way to make our anniversary raffle possible. And that is thanks to unbelievably great support. That’s why we would like to thank all of our partners, companions and friends of the hotel here and now and introduce them to our guests.

Because without the many helping hands, our big 40th anniversary Living Hotels raffle idea simply wouldn’t have worked. That’s why we say thank you! 40 times and more! For the many fabulous prizes, your generosity and the great togetherness. Thank you. Thank you. Merci. Arigato. Gracias and grazie mille!

Naturhotel AROSEA

Sweet nothingness in perfection

Once Ulten Valley. Forever Ulten Valley. South Tyrol’s last untouched valley is 25 km from Merano and enchants its visitors from the second they arrive. It is precisely here, in the midst of a mountain, forest and meadow picture-book setting, that the Life Balance Hotel AROSEA is located on the Zoggeler reservoir. Here, peacefullness is guaranteed . And this is precisely the reason why relaxation and recharging ones energy happens a little faster here than in many other places.

Surrounded by water. Furnished with Swiss stone pine, sheep’s wool, slate and lots of space. In the AROSEA, which was realised according to the philosophy of botanical architecture and the 0-km approach, the power of nature is used.

In the 52 rooms and 12 suites with the largest balconies or terraces in the region – as well as in the entire house. Because with its 5000m2 alpine garden including organic swimming pond, AROSEA embraces its guests in every corner. Here the guest is accompanied from the moment he gets up to the moment he goes to bed by the splashing of the waterfalls that supply the natural bathing pond with mountain spring water. The journey to ultimate recovery continues in the beauty and health center in the most pleasant way: 3000 m2 are intended for the “Alpine Wellness” well-being feeling. The owners, Anne Stauder and Thomas Gerstgrasser pamper their guests with a sustainable, regional wellness program and have developed the treatments specifically and focused on finding one’s center again. Mental Detox the AROSEA-way. The natural cuisine of Chef Everest alone would be worth the trip, because  the taste of South Tyrol melts on your tongue as it does nowhere else. Healthy pleasure is on the menu. It’s a feast in the traditional lounges and courtyards full of history. Only fresh and natural ingredients from mostly from the region get served. Past meets present. Tradition meets modernity. With AROSEA, Anne Stauder and Thomas Gerstgrasser have created an alpine nature hotel, ecological and sustainable in complete harmony with the environment, which gives its guests a perfect time-out feeling. The most beautiful nothing in perfection…


AROSEA Life Balance Hotel
Kuppelwies am See 355
39016 St. Walburg / Ultental bei Meran,

+39 0473 785 051


Feel good, strong, secure and good in every situation – with BEAUTIFULSCENTS.

BEAUTIFULSCENTS fragrances not only smell wonderful, they are your most loyal handbag companion for mood emergencies, your constant companion for sunshine moments in demanding everyday life, your good mood guarantor and the gift that really makes everyone happy. Because BEAUTIFULSCENTS ensures more happy moments in life. Don’t you believe it? Just try it out. It is centuries-old knowledge that certain herbal mixtures can evoke different moods and emotions. Today we know that the sense of smell has been proven to influence our mental and emotional state because it is directly connected to the limbic system.

By inhaling essential oils, they can not only be positively influenced, but changed. But not only essential oils and herbs have quasi-magical healing powers: according to the latest state of science, gemstones and crystals are not an esoteric placebo, but with their high content of minerals and trace elements provide more balance and harmony in our organism.

BEAUTIFULSCENTS combines the powers of scents and stones for the first time. A team of homeopaths, fragrance experts, neuropsychologists and energeticists have optimally coordinated the various healing powers from nature so that, when combined, they can have an even stronger effect on moods and emotions. The result of this interplay of natural essential oils, herbs and healing stones are fragrance essences that ensure positive moods – in every situation in life. Depending on the occasion, you can control your day in a fragrant way and decide whether you feel like more self-love, joy, lightness or harmony or whether you need more success, happiness, relaxation or a fresh start, cleansing and clear thoughts. The healing stones in the bottle give you special powers.

Success, Harmony, Good Luck, Joy, Ease, Relax, Selflove or New Start – everything is possible with the right Uplifting Moodspray. Because the day is what you make of it, and you can let the magic of nature help you.

From now on, the BEAUTIFULSCENTS Minis are also available in a set of 4 – in addition to the 100 ml packaging. The mood sprays, each containing 30 ml, are packed in a pretty recycled cardboard box and fit into any hand luggage, handbag or trouser pocket. Each essence is elaborately handcrafted in Germany. Cost per set 117 EUR.


by Stefanie Wirnshofer


Burger & Lobster Bank

A great spectacle at the Burger & Lobster Bank

If you’ve never been to the Burger & Lobster Bank at Prannerstraße 11, you’ve definitely missed out and  haven’t had the pleasure of a never-ending permanent smile. Why? Because the ambience here is so beautiful, classy and yet casual. Because here, in the courtyard of the former bank building is an enchantingly romantic courtyard and you would love to stay seated forever. Because the Buddy Love Bar serves devilishly delicious drinks with seductive names like Green Apple Fizz, Cucumber Fizz or even the wheat beer Mojito. Because the team around manager Moritz Haake performs to the point and spreads an amazing mood. Nowhere else in Munich does the best food go together with the best party.

And because, of course, the menu is an experience in homemade inventiveness and a real highlight in terms of impressive quality and great taste. In the Burger & Lobster Bank, lobster and burgers merge on the plate into a mouth-watering symbiosis of delight. In addition, there are steaks, sandwiches, salads and soul food vegetarians and vegans  as well as selected fine wines and cocktails – all in selected quality and primarily regional and seasonal. From (own) experience we know, the Burger & Lobster bank has enormously high  potential of recurring guests. That’s why you come back again and again, you stay longer, eat and drink more than planned, but no matter, every evening is worth every minute … “nous ne regrettons rien.”


Burger & Lobster Bank
Prannerstraße 11
80333 München

A reservation is suggested as the Burger & Lobster Bank is booked out five weeks in advance on weekends.

Champagne Taittinger

The essence of sparkling pleasure

Champagne Taittinger is one of the few great family-owned champagne houses. This is thanks to the spirited commitment of its current general manager, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger. After many years working alongside his uncle Claude Taittinger in the company, he now guarantees the exquisite qualities and distinctive style of Taittinger champagnes, supported by daughter Vitalie and son Clovis. “We define ourselves as a Chardonnay house,” says Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger. “The wines are slender, elegant, graceful.”

This graceful elegance was invented by Pierre Taittinger, who struck a chord with the new age in the Golden Twenties.

It was he who in 1931 acquired the champagne house in Reims founded by Jacques Fourneaux in 1734, which he made the Taittinger parent house. In the early 1950s, his sons Francois and Claude Taittinger created the essence, so to speak, of the incomparable and still world-famous Taittinger style with the single-varietal Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs: finesse, lightness and elegance.

Taittinger Logo

Champagne Taittinger CCVC
9 place Saint Nicaise
51100 Reims


Circle Lounge / LANXESS arena Köln

Event highlights in the Lanxess Arena from the best seats! 

The Circle Lounge in the LANXESS arena is a design location for companies and individuals. Since October 2015, the agency elevener GmbH has been implementing and operating a new, holistic box concept in Cologne’s LANXESS arena. Three boxes were extensively redesigned with great attention to detail and converted into a completely new design location. The result is a stylish premium box covering 130 square meters. The location in the lower box ring guarantees the perfect view of the stage, in direct proximity to the lower tier and very close to the artists. Guests experience a new level of hospitality as soon as they enter the Circle Lounge.

With their own key card, they gains access to the entrance hall, where they are personally welcomed by the club manager. The aperitif and a high-quality buffet are already waiting when the sliding door opens and the guests enter the lounge area. The glass front to the stage and the interior can be almost fully opened. The guest is thus right in the middle of the action and yet enjoys his very own club atmosphere.


Circle Lounge in der LANXESS arena, Köln
Willy-Brandt-Platz 1
50679 Köln

+49 231 4882 247 8

EssZimmer by Käfer

Gourmet & style all the way to the roof

As a guest, you feel like you’re in another cosmos, like you’re in another orbit, when the doors open here for the first time and you step inside. That’s how much the EssZimmer by Käfer on the third floor of BMW Welt both inspires and embraces you from the very first moment. On the one hand, there is the spectacular view from the floor-to-ceiling windows and the futuristic surroundings. On the other hand, there is the luxurious ambience, so stylish, relaxed and warm, that instantly captures you and that host Bobby Bräuer changes with a variation of  new art objects. Tranquil surroundings emphasize the fine exquisiteness of the EssZimmer and truly live up to the name of the restaurant.

All this creates the perfect setting to fully indulge in Bobby Bräuer’s cuisine, which has been awarded 2 Michelin stars and 18 points in the Gault Millau, among others. The multi-award-winning chef gives  his own unique style to the food, combining French classics with Mediterranean and regional inspiration. The culinary experience is rounded off by Domenico Durante’s excellent wine advice and the outstanding service of the entire team. Once you’ve been here, you’ll want to come back. Because the EssZimmer is a world of its own. One that stays in your memory.

Print Logo_VektorgrafikWarmGray

EssZimmer in der BMW Welt
Am Olympiapark 1
80809 München,


GOP Varieté-Theater / GOP Entertainment Group

An experience for all the senses

Under the umbrella of the GOP Entertainment-Group there are currently the GOP Varieté-Theaters in Hanover, Essen, Bad Oeynhausen, Münster, Munich, Bremen and Bonn with the affiliated gastronomy, the artist agency GOP showconcept as well as the ADIAMO Dance Club in Bad Oeynhausen and the ADIAMO event location in Bremen.

The shareholder is the Grote family, which has been working with great success in various areas of large-scale gastronomy and entertainment for more than 30 years. Their goal is to offer the audience sophisticated live entertainment, high-quality gastronomy and first-class service.

The focus lies especially in the employees, who meet their guests with a high degree of professionalism and natural cordiality. Twenty years after its founding, the GOP Variety Theaters are among the most successful in Germany. This is also proven by the many hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. In the variety theaters of the GOP Entertainment Group, the motto is “entertainment for all the senses,” because stage shows and culinary delights belong firmly together. In the two-hour shows, international artists fascinate with grandiose performances in an atmospheric setting. The new variété scene is significantly influenced by the impulses of the GOP Entertainment Group. It manages to build up a new world ofvariété in the area of atmosphere  between individualism and community, between tradition and innovation.

GOP Varieté-Theater Hannover
Georgstraße 36
30159 Hannover

GOP Varieté-Theater Essen
Rottstraße 30
45127 Essen

GOP Varieté-Theater Bad Oeynhausen
Im Kurgarten 8
32545 Bad Oeynhausen

GOP Varieté-Theater Münster
Bahnhofstraße 20-22
48143 Münster

GOP Varieté-Theater München
Maximilianstraße 47
80538 München

GOP Varieté-Theater Bremen
Am Weser-Terminal 4
28217 Bremen

GOP Varieté-Theater Bonn
Karl-Carstens-Straße 1
53113 Bonn

Green Beetle

Green indulgence at star level

The concept is as simple and precise as it is ingenious: The Green Beetle, which was awarded the Green Star by the Guide Michelin in the spring of this year, is a real anchor for the pleasure  that specializes quite consistently in vegetarian, vegan, seasonal, organic, regional as well as national and, above all, sustainable cuisine, drinks and materials. The latest restaurant coup by Michael and Clarissa Käfer in Munich shows us in the most beautiful way how stylish and simple modern design can be, which from the tiles to the wall coverings and the furniture to the food and drink menu focuses on respect for the environment and how incredibly delicious it tastes when vegetables play the leading role on the plate.

In doing so, chef Felix Adebahr relies on the use of different cooking techniques, flavors and colorful accents to create a culinary experience. The products used come exclusively from ecologically responsible and, whenever possible, regional and seasonal sources, always preserving the diversity for which Haus Käfer stands. In summer, the team even gathers wild herbs in the English Garden for certain dishes. It doesn’t get more regional than that.

GreenBeetle Logo

Green Beetle
Schumanstraße 9
81675 München



Anything is possible at the HOFSPIELHAUS Theater

The Hofspielhaus at Falkenturmstraße 8 was founded seven years ago by actress, director and power woman Christiane Brammer. With its top-class in-house productions, the media are already naming the charming theater in the heart of Munich in the same breath as the big houses – as a small, fine pearl in a prime location, close to Maximilianstraße and Marienplatz. On the program: Cabaret, concerts, operas and operettas, salon evenings and much more. Well-known acting stars such as Götz Otto, Michael A. Grimm, Rainer Haustein, Heio von Stetten, Matthias Christian Rehrl, Michael Mendl, Michaela May, Katerina Jakob, Janina Hartwig and Jutta Speidel can be experienced up close on the HOFSPIELHAUS stage.

In summer, the charming courtyard with Parisian flair is transformed into Munich’s smallest open-air stage. In short: a place of theater, art and encounters. An oasis of thinking and being. A place for music. A place for celebrating, chatting, eating.


Falkenturmstr. 8
80331 München

Zum Spielplan:

Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron

World famous from the film “Sound of Music” and pure idyll.

“Monuments tell history and stories,” and Schloss Leopoldskron is home to a particularly large number of stories. In 1918, Max Reinhardt, then Europe’s most famous theater impresario and co-founder of the Salzburg Festival, bought the castle. Reinhardt focused a great deal of dedication on remodelling the palace as well as designing the outbuildings and, with the help of Salzburg craftsmen, renovated the area. The library and the Venetian Room came from his creative mind. In the 1920s, he had an open-air stage, a neo-baroque park  with a garden theater and reflecting pond, and a huge lawn parterre with countless sculptures built in the park-like grounds belonging to the palace.

With the Leopoldskroner Weiher and the Untersberg as a backdrop. Today this enchanting place belongs to the refuge of the hotel at Schloss Leopoldskron, to the Meierhof, where in the past the steward (“Meier”) of the castle lived and which has been carefully but completely renovated and redesigned in recent years with regard to the historical character. In the 55 boutique rooms, guests can expect casual comfort, high-quality bathrooms and lots of loving details, in addition to a view of the immediately adjacent castle, the park and the spacious pond. In homage to the film “Sound of Music”, which was shot here in the last century, three Sound of Music double rooms and five premium rooms were designed and for those who want to stay longer, there are now two townhouses – but whether short or long, the historical flair and the unique atmosphere are noticeable everywhere.


Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron
Leopoldskronstraße 56-58
5020 Salzburg

+43 662 83983

Das Jacob

Munich’s new gastronomic Olympus

A new star in town is born. All gourmets, followers of good taste and friends of cultivated celebrations can rejoice, because since July 2022 Munich is richer by a gastronomic hotspot in the best location and address: in the Alte Börse at Lenbachplatz 2, at the heartbeat of the city with heart, the gastronomic multinationals Moritz and Tim Haake, who since 2014 already operate the cult location Burger & Lobster Bank with one of the longest reservation weekend waiting lists in town and the Weinhaus Neuner, have opened their new baby: The Jacob. Seven days a week, the new, “little” gastro-brother offers its gueststaste spectacle de luxe, both indoors and outdoors on the spacious terrace.

With selected casual noble interior and design, making one wish to move in directly forever, with a Greek-Mediterranean menu in exquisite freshness and finest quality, which has high culinary addiction potential and – completely clearly – the unwritten, golden Haake’schen law that also in their new pleasure temple hospitality with heart, taste to 100%, endless taste, open end social gathering and many beautiful  momentsare guaranteed.

Jacob Logo

Jacob – in der Alten Börse
Lenbachplatz 2a
80333 München



The L’Osteria recipe for success

The L’Osteria door opens and already you feel like you are in a typical Italian Osteria. It’s lively, a bit noisy, there’s laughter and the delicious smell of genuine Italian cuisine hovers over everything. That’s why, since its founding in 1999, families, friends, couples, business people, young and old, as well as many “L’Osteria Lover” regulars, have always enjoyed coming here to eat well and have a great time together. In the beautiful ambience with a large, open kitchen, all dishes are prepared fresh every day with the best ingredients and a lot of amore. Because at L’Osteria nothing is off the shelf. Here the pizza dough is prepared by hand according to their own secret recipe and rolled out and topped by hand.

The pasta comes from our own factory. For all those who would like to have a little less carbohydrates but full Cucina Italiana taste on the plate, there are the delicious zoodles made from zucchini as a pasta substitute. And even the classic Italian coffee after the round table comes from their own roastery. It is precisely this combination of craftsmanship, heart and the highest quality of ingredients that you can taste. Whether in one of the more than 150 restaurants in eight countries or in the meantime also in the own four walls – because since 2020 with L’Osteria Delivery the own delivery service including own fleet, App and Webshop was launched. The best best pizza & pasta d’amore tastes simply delizioso even at home!




The legend among restaurants: the Makassar

The Makassar, one of Munich’s cult restaurants has a new home. After Roger Baranda and Roland Dimpfl closed their legendary “If the walls could talk” restaurant after 27 years in May 2019 in Dreimühlenstraße, it was first time for a break. After half a year traveling across France, Spain and Portugal, the two hosts returned to Munich out of passion & vocation and got to know that there was a vacant location at the Living Hotel Prinzessin Elisabeth. Since the owner of the hotel group was a long-time regular at Makassar, they quickly agreed, even though the restaurateurs actually just wanted to open “something really small.” Their mission of keeping it small didn’t happen.

Because here, at Geyerstraße 52, Roland Dimpfl and Roger Baranda not only have room for over 100 guests, there is a terrace with a view of the Isar and an idyllically situated inner courtyard patio. What remains the same in the new hotel home is the unmistakable Makassar style made of lots of natural materials and South Seas flair, the carved monkey above the bar that Baranda received as a certificate after his chef days on Jacques Cousteau’s expedition ship Calypso, and that neither EC nor credit cards are accepted as payment, only cash.

On the culinary side, Baranda has created exciting palate-disrupting dishes with his typical French-Creole signature, which are now being served side by side with the famous classics such as artichokes, shrimp skewers, fish soup and tartare to spoil long-time regulars and all followers of good, slightly different taste. Just like the notoriously delicious cocktails by Roland Dimpfl, which will certainly guarantee long nights here, too, at the Princess.

Makassar Logo Vektoren

Geyerstraße 52
80469 München
Di – Sa von 18:00 – 1:00 Uhr.
Reservierung nur per Telefon 089 77 69 59
Keine Kreditkarten

Die Universität Mozarteum Salzburg

Where talent becomes excellence

Mozart is our inspiration, music our tradition, art our passion. There could be no more apt description of the mission statement of the Mozarteum University Salzburg, which, with its more than 40 fields of study, is one of the most top-class music and art universities in the world and whose roots go back to 1841. As diverse, fascinating and provocative, poetic and stirring, subtle and powerful, disturbing and reconciling as art itself, the University Mozarteum Salzburg sees itself as a place of artistic encounter and challenge.

In the heart of Salzburg, extraordinary talents mature into artistic personalities for the great stages of this world.

More than 2000 highly talented students from 70 countries and 5 continents, together with 550 teachers at the Salzburg and Innsbruck campuses, devote themselves to the development and exploration of the arts, their mediation and art university research. Almost 100 studies structure the spectrum of content. About 100 partner universities offer a worldwide network for personal and professional exchange. And because so many young talent also needs a stage, the Mozarteum University is one of Salzburg’s largest organizers, with around 100 events and concerts per month, so that all friends of the arts can immerse themselves completely in the world of music and the fine arts here at almost any time.


Universität Mozarteum Salzburg
Mirabellplatz 1
5020 Salzburg


Organic Garden

Green love at first bite

Founded in 2019, Organic Garden has set itself the goal of inspiring people to eat food that tastes extremely delicious and is healthy for people and nature. True to the motto “change the way you eat”, the nutrition pioneers of Organic Garden from Ingolstadt think the value chain from start to finish and from their own farms to the consumer’s plate. The goal: short transport routes, naturally healthy agriculture, transparent processes and the holistic utilization of food “from leaf to root”. If you want to know how fine, energising and special the creations taste, the best thing to do is to sample the menu at one of the Organic Garden Eateries.

From breakfast and lunch bowls, to the Organic Garden signature hot dog in a variety of flavors, to sweet and savory snack creations: Eateries’ menus are modern, diverse and amazingly delicious. There are also a number of Organic Garden’s own products to discover, such as the organic ginger drink Juicy Ginger, the pesticide-free Clean Coffee or the purely plant-based Hearty Gravy.

Incidentally, the recipes for Organic Garden products and dishes are all penned by Holger Stromberg, the Culinary Mastermind. They are put together from high-quality, predominantly organic, regional, seasonal and primarily plant-based products in such a way that food waste is avoided as much as possible, they are full of healthy nutrients and have a convincing taste all along the line.”

Organic Garden_Logo_farbig_rgb

Organic Garden AG
Friedrichshofener Str. 1
85049 Ingolstadt



Car rental SIXT: Rent a car in 105 countries worldwide.

SIXT is the No. 1 car rental company in Germany. Our station network includes almost 500 stations in all major cities. Wherever you want to go, we are already there. No matter if airport, train station or city center. We provide the perfect connection everywhere. You can rely on us to provide you with perfect service and smooth rental everywhere. Our employees are well trained and will gladly take care of providing you with the desired rental car at the agreed rental time. Whether you need a small car, a compact class car or a spacious station wagon, our fleet has models from leading brand manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, VW and Mercedes-Benz ready for you.

You also have the option to choose an SUV or van, for example 7 and 9 seater. All rental cars are top maintained and rarely older than half a year. But SIXT is not only a car rental company, at more and more stations we also have a wide range of trucks and vans in different sizes for your purposes. Would you like to rent a car for a longer period of time or return it to another pick-up location? No problem, because we also offer rental cars for long-term and one-way rental.


Sixt GmbH & Co. Autovermietung KG
Zugspitzstr. 1
82049 Pullach


SOULPLÃCE, Lanzarote

Here the name says it all. The SOULPLÃCE on Lanzarote 

Directly on the edge of the Timanfaya National Park with its imposing fire mountains, is the lovingly designed and personally restored feel-good oasis for individualists, “barefoot luxury” lovers, soul tree people, active vacationers, nature freaks, allergy sufferers in search of air or “workation” fans. Because even working feels like a vacation here on Lanzarote and is easily possible thanks to super-fast fiber optic internet. In addition, the two 80m2 3 room apartments in modern-hippie-chic style have everything you need for a relaxing stay: fully equipped kitchen, large living room with digital HD TV and panoramic window, cosy bedroom with queen-size bed and Canarian en-suite bathroom.

Towels, beach towels, beach bag, yoga mat, snorkel masks, beach umbrella, mobile Bluetooth speakers, table grill etc. are provided free of charge by the soul hosts Meike and Marco. Nearly a must is relaxing on the private sun terrace. The spectacular view of the volcanoes within reach and the endless expanse of Mars-like nature leave nothing else to be desired. A plunge into the eleven-meter-long César Manrique-style saltwater pool releases energies you never knew you had. If you want, you can “ride” on the pool unicorn over the cool water, listen to the birds chirping and decelerate in the midst of authentic Lanzarote architecture as if by itself. Or you can go on a tour.

A real plus point is the super-central location of the SOULPLÃCE. In about 20 minutes you can reach (almost) every sight, the popular surf spots La Santa and Famara are only a few minutes away by car. Countless hiking trails and top mountain bike routes lead directly from here through the lava sea. And the original cycling route of the “Iron Man”, which is held on the island every year, is also on the doorstep. No matter where you go on the island, at the end of the day you just love to come back, because the owners Meike & Marco have equipped and furnished the SOULPLÃCE, so that the name becomes program for their guests. That everyone finds here his SOULPLÃCE and a real favorite place.

2 soulplace logo


Contact: Instagram
Meike Genz
+49 163 7389282

TimeRide – Virtual time travel in to history

Experience the past up close with TimeRide

To travel through time once – this wish has accompanied people since everl. How might the wildlife have felt in the Golden Twenties? And how did it feel to live as a baroque prince at splendid festivities? If you would like to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of another era, you can join TimeRide on a journey through time – and realize nothing less than a dream of mankind. In five German cities, the time travel provider takes its guests on an entertaining trip into the past: Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Dresden offer a variety of TimeRide attractions that open up exciting windows into local history.

TimeRide creates the perfect illusion of entering long-gone eras through the sophisticated interplay of virtual reality staging, special effects for all the senses and lovingly designed historical experience rooms. All five TimeRides inspire with unique stories that recreate the feeling of life back then for the respective cities and regions. The entertaining virtual trips into history are also suitable for children, who can embark on the approximately 45-minute tours from the age of six.

TimeRide GO! city tours of a different kind: The city tours with TimeRide GO! for Cologne, Munich and Dresden also open up a new perspective. On these special city tours, guests can use mobile virtual reality glasses to make unique past-today comparisons on the spot. Spectacular leaps in time through the centuries are possible in the midst of today’s cityscape thanks to the mobile VR glasses. The tours, led by professional guides, last around 90 minutes and allow an extraordinary look behind the scenes.


TimeRide Berlin
Zimmerstraße 91
10117 Berlin

TimeRide Dresden
Taschenberg 3
01067 Dresden

TimeRide Frankfurt
Berliner Straße 42a
60311 Frankfurt

TimeRide Köln
Alter Markt 36-42
50667 Köln

TimeRide München
Tal 21
80331 München

Viky Rader Studio

Luxury meets Awareness

Your claim “the only thing that looks good on you is me.”
Your conviction “be the energy you want to attract.”
Her mission “to make you look amazing.”

This beautiful guiding principle runs through Viky Rader’s entire self-made career: first as a model, then as a street style icon and influencer with her blog “Viky and the Kid”, with which she has set real standards in the world of fashion as an opinion leader and inspires over 500,000 women from all over the world for herself and her style – after all, few have Viky’s casual self-image fashion so cool and graceful at the same time, stylish, with her very own touch and also always with a laugh to stage.

The Ukrainian-born designer – who founded her own “@vr_wearetogehter” charity this year as a true affair of the heart – is in a class of her own, because she brings fashion to life and makes it so desirable. It’s only logical that the influencer and “Mom in Chief of Three” launched her own high fashion brand in 2021 with Viky Rader Studio: form-fitting models in which women feel intuitively beautiful, confident and strong because the fabrics and cuts invariably flatter their wearer and virtually embrace her. In designing her collection, Viky Rader placed the greatest value – from the materials to the production – on consistent sustainable processes, fair manufacturing, that her models are produced without exception in Europe … and for her personally very important that the designs embody a high timeless factor to make her slogan “to make you look amazing” tangible for women. We would say: Mission 100% accomplished.

Photo Credit: Andreas Ortner

Viky Rader Studio
Oberföhringer Straße 172
81925 München