Living Hotel Kanzler
Adenauerallee 148
53113 Bonn


Can be reached by public transport from the main station. Take the underground to the main station, then bus SB 60 to the airport (journey time 30 minutes). By car you need to take motorway 565 to the airport via A59 and follow the signs to the airport (journey time 20 minutes, rush hour 45 minutes).

Answering machine

Service Messages will be sent by voicemail to your telephone. The red light on your telephone flashes when you have received a message. To listen to your messages, dial “493”. Dial “2” in order to delete messages, “1” to record a message and “4” if you want to switch to another language.

Baby Cot

Please contact the front desk.


The nearest banks in the area are:

Sparkasse – cash machine – approx. 400 m
Niebuhrstraße 65

Postbank – branch – approx. 700 m
Schumannstraße 42
Monday to Friday:  9:00am to 12:30pm & 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Saturday:  9:00am to 12:30pm
Tel.: 0228 / 5500 5500

Sparkasse – branch – approx. 850 m
Bonner Talweg 43
Monday and Thursday:    9:00am to 1:00pm &  2:00pm to 6:00pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday:  9:00am to 1:00pm & 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Tel.: 0228 / 606 30 700


The bar is open from Monday to Saturday between 6:00pm and 1:00am.


For spa you get on the first floor in the Juba Wellness Tempel.

Bike rental

You can rent bikes at the front desk (depending on availability). Please contact the reception.


Monday to Friday                                 open 6:30am to 10:00am
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays             open 7:00am to 11:00am
On demand we can offer you packed lunch to go.

Car rental

For requests please contact the reception.


Check-in time starts at 2:00pm. Of course you can store your luggage earlier. If you would like to check in earlier, please contact the front desk for availability. Check-out time is 11:00am. Please contact the front desk if you wish to arrange a later time.

Church Services

Please ask the front desk.


There is a cigarette machine on the ground floor next to the restaurant.


Kinopolis                                              via underground lines
Moltkestraße 7-9                                  16, 63 or 67 to station
Tel.: 0228 / 83 00 83                             Bad Godesberg Bahnhof

Stern Lichtspielhaus                             via underground lines
Markt 8-10                                            16, 63, 66, 67 or 68 to station
Tel.: 0228 / 63 52 66                             Universtität/Markt

Our in-house cinema is available on request for events. Please ask our reception for further details.

Concert Tickets

You can purchase concert tickets at BONNTICKET. You can find it at the Tourism and Congress GmbH which is situated across the hotel. The front desk is pleased to help you as well.

Conference Rooms

Are available in the hotel for rental. Please ask our Convention Sales Manager, Tel. 0228 / 68 44 – 225 for more information.


Please make an appointment for massages etc. in our spa area. Do not hesitate to contact our colleagues at the spa reception on the first floor for further questions to our beauty-offering. Tel.: 0228 / 36 92 4 – 42 or 0228 / 36 92 4 – 22

Credit Cards

We accept the following credit cards: Visa-Card, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Card, JCB and Euro Cheque Card with PIN number.

Currency Exchange

You can exchange foreign currency into Euro at the front desk. We will charge you a fee of 10% of the amount (min. EUR 7,00). For exchanging cheques we charge a fee of 15% of the amount (min. EUR 5,00).


Please note to open the window only in case all curtains are removed to the right side of the window.


Please ask the front desk for a list of all doctors in the area.

Drinks and Snacks                 

Can be bought at the snack maschine on the ground floor next to the restaurant.

DVD-Player for Rent               

Would you like to spend an evening with watching movies? If available, you could rent a DVD-Player and even some DVD’s at the front desk for free. The security deposit is 50,00    €.


Our e-mail address:


220V alternating current

Emergency Exits

Next to your room door you will find a map with escape routes and emergency exits.

Emergency Numbers

Fire Department: 0 – 112 / Police: 0 – 110

Fair (Cologne)

The Trade Fair can be reached conveniently by public transport from the main station (regional train towards Deutz). The journey time is approximately 35 min.

Fax Service

We can send your fax from the front desk. The fee within Germany amounts 0,25 € per page. Abroad we charge a fee of 0,25 € per page + service charge of 1,50 €.

Fire Extinguishers

Are located on every floor close to the stair case.

Fitness and Spa Area

The fitness area is on the third floor. You can open the door by using your room key card. The fitness area is free to use. The sauna and spa area is on the first floor in the main building. There are no extra charges for using the sauna and steam bath during your hotel stay. For our apartment guests the first use of our sauna is free of charge. Further visits we charge with 50% of the regular fee. Please see our enclosed price-list. On Wednesdays please note it is lady-sauna-day.


Can be ordered by the front desk.


Please ask at the front desk.


Universitätskliniken (Venusberg)                       St. Marienhospital (Kinderklinik)                 Sigmund-Freud-Straße 25                                     Robert-Koch-Straße 1
Tel.: 0228 / 28 70                                                        Tel.: 0228 / 50 50

Hotel Reservation

You can make reservations for every DERAG Hotel via front desk.


You can use the WLAN Livinghotel in our public area as well as in the rooms for free. Your personal access data you will find on your guest pass that you got by check-in.

Iron, Ironing Board

On demand we will bring it to your room and its free of charge. In many rooms there is also a trouser press. Please note only to put back the iron and trouser press into the wardrobe when it cooled off! (see laundry room)


The light switches on automatically when you pull up the blinds. (Please open and close the blinds using both hands to avoid locking them). Extractor fan and hotplates only work when the kitchen light and timer are switched on.

Laundry Room

Is located in the basement of the main building. Washing powder tabs and tokens/coins for the washing machines and tumble dryers are available at the front desk.Washing machine: 2,50 €. Tumble dryer: 2,00 €

Laundry Service

Drop off your laundry at the front desk before 8:00am (Monday to Friday). You will find the laundry bags and Wäschezettel into the wardrobe. Clean laundry will be delivered to your room generally the same evening.


Zentralbibliothek (Bonn City)                 Open:
Bottlerplatz 1                                                  Monday, Wednesday to Friday:
Tel.: 0228 / 77 27 68                                      11:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday 10:00am to 1:00pm

Main Station

The distance from the hotel to the main station is approx. 2 kilometres. Underground lines 16, 63, 66, 67 and 68 from “Museum König” serve the main station in about 6 minutes.

Mini bar                                  

The first mini bar filling is free of charge. In our hotel rooms the minibar will be refilled daily for free. In our apartment rooms the restocking will be done on demand and charged with 8,00 € per day.


Newspapers – also in english – can be received at the front desk.


We are pleased to welcome your “little friends” in our house. Costs for a stay up to 14 nights: 12,00 € per day and animal. For a stay longer than 14 nights: 60,00 € per month and animal. Please notice that your pets are beherbergungssteuerpflichtig , too!


„Mercure-Apotheke “
Adenauerallee 62, street corner Weberstraße
Tel.: 0228 / 22 32 01

Photocopying Service                       

Photocopies can be done at the front desk. Price per page: 0,25 €.

Postal Address

Apartment number
Adenauerallee 148
53113 Bonn

Public Transport

Next underground station: „Museum König“. Turn right out of the hotel. The entrance is straight ahead after 50 metres.


Is open 24 hours a day and can be reached by pressing the“M1”-button on your telephone or you can dial -“100”.

Registration Office

Is situated in the Stadthaus Bonn. Underground lines 66 or 67 are serving the “Stadthaus”. It is possible to make an appointment via Internet.


Please inform the front desk about any defects or damages in your room so they can be eliminated straight away.


Ristorante “da Dante” opens for lunch and dinner. Monday to Saturday open from 11:30am to 2:30pm and 6:00pm to 11:30pm.

Rolls Service                          

Spoil yourself with a bag of fresh rolls at your door in the morning. If you fill out the enclosed order form and place it before 10:00pm at the reception, we will deliver your fresh rolls until 6:30am to your door.

Room Service

We offer you to serve breakfast on your room. Please note that there is a surcharge on room service of 5,00 € per person.


Are in nearly every room and also available at the front desk. We do not take liability for valuables, money etc.

Sanitary Products

Please ask at the front desk.

Shopping Service                   

You can use an online delivery service. Possibly you have to pay attention to the minimum order quantities and delivery costs. Suggestions:,, Of course you can use each online delivery service you prefer.

Shoe Cleaning machines

Are situated in the basement, the 1., 2. and 3. floor in the main-building and in the 1. floor in our adjoining building.


Are available at the front desk.


There is a REWE supermarket which is just 15 minutes on foot away. If you leave the hotel turn left and walk along the Adenauerallee. The fourth street on your left will be Weberstraße. Turn into it and walk to the end. There you will find the supermarket and a bakery. The REWE market is open Monday to Friday 7:00am to 12 midnight, Saturday 7:00am to 10:00pm.


Can be booked at any time through the front desk.


In order to dial out, dial “0” ahead of the telephone number. Your telephone is on an extension.
Schedule of charges:
Local Connections        0,30 € / min.
Germany                      0,40 € / min.
Europe A                     2,00 € / min.
Europe B                     3,00 € / min.
USA und Canada                  3,00 € / min.
World A                                   3,00 € / min.
World B                                   4,00 € / min.
World C                                   4,00 € / min.

German Mobil Phone Connections                 0,90 € / min.(D1, D2, e-Plus, O2)
Service Numbers                                            0,05 € / min.(Freecall 0130, 0800,xxx 0700)
Other Numbers                                               2,00 €  Access Charge per call (0180, 0900, advice services)+ 0,06 € per unit
Important Informations
Only minute rates with a 60-second-clock are charged. The respective complete minute price is charged for each started minute. The access charge is a single rate for a single telephone connection. There will be additional charge as propagated by the provider. All numbers which are not listed under the various charge zones are considered as “other numbers” and charged according to the valid Telekom-clock, plus access charge.The charges are listed as “telephone-services” on your hotel invoice. On request, you can receive a single-call list with your invoice. All prices are quoted in Euro.

Calls can be received in your room under the telephone number: 0228 / 68 44 – (room number).

Tourist Information

Windeckstraße 1 (Münsterplatz)
53111 Bonn
Tel.: 0228 / 77 50 00
Fax.: 0228 / 77 50 77

Underground Car Park

There are 80 spaces available. The rate is 14,00 € per day. We offer special rates for our long-stay guests. Please contact the front desk for more information.

Wake Up Calls

We arrange wake up calls at the front desk.


See Internet.