Living for your company

Are you looking for a place to live and work? For yourself, your colleagues and fellow employees? We have just what you’re looking for: 3,500 units at eight locations in a total of 17 buildings (soon to be 18 with our newest Living Hotel in Hamburg). Whether it’s a hotel room or serviced apartment that you need, you won’t want to leave our Living Hotels. From short stays to long ones, we make planning a stress-free process. We’re never phased by any booking, even if it’s large or at the last minute. We’re here for you. Want to stay in a prime location? We can offer you just that – we have many rooms available. Guaranteed. With us, you benefit from transparent and consistent pricing, complimentary services and teams that love hosting. Get in touch with us. And take advantage of easy, flexible and reliable booking terms. Just as it should be.

Your personal contact:

Léa Rogacki
Director of Sales


Your advantages with us:

  • Affordable apartment prices (on average 30% cheaper than hotels)
  • Special conditions and other benefits for contract customers
  • Many rooms available
  • Flexibility to shorten or extend a stay
  • High reliability due to stable pricing structures (apartment); no trade fair prices when staying for longer than 30 nights
  • Complimentary services: high-speed wifi, room cleaning, free phone calls
  • In-house meeting rooms and conference centers available in many hotels
  • Flexible range of additional services
  • A variety of payment options (e.g. AirPlus)