Take me out, I am your new Travel Buddy!

Never worry about roaming charges or getting lost in a foreign city again, because handy, the latest hotel amenity you´ll enjoy, has got you covered.

Find handy in your room, take it out and enjoy a variety of features and more for free during your stay.
With the hotel-smartphone of the future, you can plan and realize your visit from your second home or under way comfortably.

The best of all: You can use all functions of the smartphone everywhere, even outside the Livinghotel.

The smartphones are already available in our three Berliner Livinghotels Berlin-Mitte, Großer Kurfürst and Weißensee.

In our other 12 Livinghotels you will soon be able to hold the multifunctional device in your hands.


   Unlimited local and international call
   Free internet access
   Destination-specific content
   Exclusive promotions for hotel offering
   On-the-go hotel concierge service