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Home is not a place — it’s a feeling. If you are one of those who likes having this feeling when you’re traveling, come to us. Our idea is a stay that feels like a visit with good friends — whether brief or lengthy, no matter how often repeated. To accomplish this, we offer you lots of cost-free services.

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Environmentally friendly driving

Sustainability is a top priority for Living Hotels. That is why many of our hotels offer the option of charging your electric car free of charge. And being serious about sustainability means charging with 100% green electricity – and that’s a promise.

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Always well connected

Free high-speed wifi is a given in our hotels – both in the public areas and in your room. To log in, simply enter your name, room number and wifi ID, which you will receive when you arrive. By the way, we know the value of good connections, so you will automatically be logged in for six months if you stay with us again in that time.

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Free phone calls

Need to make an important call but your phone has run out of battery again? No problem. In the Living Hotels you can make free calls to many countries using the landline phone in your room. Further information can be obtained at the reception. One tip, however: It’s best to stay away from expensive 0900 numbers. You have to pay for those calls yourself.

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Refreshments on the house

We’ve all been there. After a long day’s work, nothing beats a tasty beer when you want to unwind. You will find two bottles of beer and two bottles of water waiting for you in the fridge when you arrive – even closer than the supermarket! And cheaper; free in fact, because we don’t like overpriced minibars any more than you do (except in the Living Hotel Appartments Johann Wolfgang Frankfurt, the Soulmade Munich and the Best Western Premier Grand Hotel Russischer Hof Weimar).