Fitness whenever and however you fancy

The interactive training mirror in our Fitness Maisonette at the Living Hotel am Olympiapark in Munich allows you to have your own personal gym in your hotel room. Get up in the morning, turn it on and immediately start your individual fitness program – all within the comfort of your room. The fitness mirror focuses on individuality and privacy while fitting into your room in a space-saving, unobtrusive and elegant way.

Behind the mirror is an innovative technology with numerous functions. More than 200 workouts covering strength, cardio, flexibility, yoga and meditation, among others, can be selected around the clock via the full-surface touch screen.

Additional Training Offer

For our guests, we also offer free group functional training courses every 14 days (Wednesdays). Our experienced trainer, Viktor, adjusts each session to your personal performance level to get the most out of each exercise. 60 minutes of intense training focusing on cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and mobility will help you get in top shape.

If you want to achieve your fitness goals even faster, you can book additional one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer who will create a customized training plan and accompany you during every workout.

Book your personal training now on request and improve yourself even more effectively: