Living Hotels Frühstücksversprechen
Can we surprise you?

Admittingly, the hotel breakfast is always an uncertainty, we know that from our own travels. Sometimes it is good, sometimes delicious, and sometimes not that good. Ultimately, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That is why we thought of something special for you.

Our goal is to offer you a high quality, yet reasonable breakfast. For us, that does not mean that you will be able to choose from hundreds of different products. Instead, we focus on the essentials and do not compromise on the quality of our products. Quality, sustainability and regionality are of utmost importance to us. The products you are served have been tried and deemed good by our teams. Regarding sustainability and regionality, we focus on reducing transport distances and try to avoid (packaging) waste where possible. Why? Because this is a vital matter to us, and we only have one earth. This is no lip service – everything we do towards sustainability can be found here.

Tastes are different, and so are dietary restrictions. We take this into consideration: vegetarians and vegans can find a selection of breakfast products. Our core offer can be supplemented with specialities.

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Quality, sustainability and regionality are our top priorities!

Living Hotel Nachhaltigkeit und Umwelt Bienen Honig
Umweltschutz und Nachhaltigkeit Bienen Living Hotels
Quality, sustainability and regionality are our top priorities!
Living Hotel Nachhaltigkeit und Umwelt Bienen Honig
We are proud of our partners and suppliers, which is why we want to invite on stage:

We source our bread and baked goods from the Grimminger Familienbäckerei, who bakes according to family recipes since four generations. Our offer is expanded by delicious banana bread by BEBANANAS, who uses otherwise wasted bananas to create a true tasting experience. The fruit at our buffet and the freshly pressed fruit juices are literally being saved from the bio compost. Our partner Querfeld provides us with fruit which would otherwise be sorted out due to its natural shape. We buy our chocolate spreads from Grashoff, the secret of Faller jams is in its preparation: hand stirring in an open copper pot allows for the fruit’s taste to come through. If you like salmon, you will be delighted with our smoked salmon trout by Die Räucherei – and you will not need to feel bad concerning long transportation routes. Meat and sausage products are sourced from the quality butcher Magnus Bauch, whose products do not only taste good, but are also regularly awarded in competitions and unannounced controls. You will also find fresh muesli and milk products such as yoghurts and cheeses at the buffet. By the way, our soft cheese is lactose free. And as we are no fans of footnotes and fine print, we would like to inform you here that not all products are always available due to hotel and seasonal availability.

Living Hotels Frühstücksversprechen
Did we make you want breakfast? Admittingly, when writing this text, we felt the same way.

If we inspired you with our promises, you will surely be interested in how much our breakfast costs? You can enjoy breakfast for 18 EUR* per person and day.


*Living Hotel De Medici: 30 EUR per person and day
Living Hotel Das Viktualienmarkt: 23 EUR per person and day
Living Hotel An der Oper: 23 EUR per person and day
Living Hotel Berlin Mitte: 14 EUR per person and day
Soulmade: 15,50 EUR per person and day