You don't have to carry your suitcase yourself anymore...



…because the new luggage-service from Deutsche Bahn will do it for you.

Summer vacation is just around the corner, your next family-trip will start soon, but nobody feels like carrying the heavy suitcases?

Then the luggage-service from Deutsche Bahn is exactly what you are looking for, to begin your vacation as relaxed as possible: the service carries your luggage to your desired vacation place even before you are actually arrived. And you? You can sit back and relax, while your luggage is already waiting for you at your hotel, apartment or at home when you return from your trip.

The service picks up your luggage on the desired day, in your desired time slot from your home, the office or rather any defined pick-up place, so you can travel conveniently only with hand luggage and don’t have to bother about the transport of your suitcases. Whether a standard suitcase, mountainbike, buggy, ski or golf bag – Deutsche Bahn carries all kind of luggage reliably from A to B and back or to C – according to your personal wishes. Within Germany your luggage will be at the desired destination after max. 2 business days, if the transport happens to Italy, Austria, Suisse or South Tyrol, you can expect a shipping time of 4-6 business days. They even bring your suitcase directly into your cabin on a cruise ship if you want to.

So let’s start the well-deserved vacation or your longterm-stay at one of our Living Hotels and get your suitcase delivered right into your apartment. True to the motto: relaxed from the beginning.

Find more information about the luggage-service from Deutsche Bahn here.