Working in Frankfurt – great quality of life in a thriving financial hub


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Has your business trip taken you to Frankfurt for a little while? Then it won’t be long before you realize that behind the glittering facade of the city’s high-rise buildings and banks, this Hessian hub is hiding a completely different side that you’ll come to love in no time. Frankfurt ranked third in the Mercer Quality of Life survey for good reason.

Working in Frankfurt – Germany’s financial center

The famous Frankfurt skyline is itself an indication that the city is one of the world’s most important financial centers. The Commerzbank Tower, the twin towers of Deutsche Bank, the ECB building and Helaba’s Main Tower shape the city’s skyline. With over 300 banks and more skyscrapers than any other European city, it’s no wonder that Frankfurt feels like such a big city, and is known to its own residents by the slightly highfalutin nickname “Mainhattan”. Thanks to the city’s key role in the economy, working in Frankfurt isn’t just attractive for those in the financial sector. Here, wages are 12% higher than the national average, so it’s no surprise that every day, the Hessian city welcomes over 360,000 commuters, particularly from the sales and IT industries, turning it into a million-strong metropolis.

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Living in Frankfurt Hessian culture and hospitality

After close of business, when commuters made their way home and the population of over a million has fallen to around 750,000 residents plus visitors, the city’s more leisurely side comes to the fore: in Frankfurt, work and life take it in turns. At the end of the working day, businesspeople switch their suits for casual wear and meet up to shop and chat in traditional bars serving Apfelwein cider – accompanied by regional specialties such as “Handkäs mit Musik” (a type of sour milk cheese), green sauce or sausages. Hearty, honest fare minus frills and fuss. This comfortable counterpoint to busy everyday working life lends the city’s its unique appeal and high quality of life. “Mainhattan” keeps up with the times while maintaining a relaxed pace. This makes this metropolis a place full of contrasts. From an architectural perspective, the traditional and the modern go hand in hand: contemporary window-studded high-rise buildings meet historical buildings and attractions. Beyond the financial district, some parts of Frankfurt even have a village feel, with charming half-timbered houses, little cafés, lots of green space and unique Hessian culture. Your work life balance is guaranteed in Frankfurt.

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Working and living in Frankfurt has much more to offer than appears at first glance. Behind the thriving financial metropolis, you’ll encounter warm Hessian hospitality – a culture that’s definitely worth getting to know better! In our Living Hotel Frankfurt or the Living Hotel Apartments Johann Wolfgang, you’re sure to feel at home in no time – that’s a promise!

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