Why you should have Ryanair back on the screen again


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The low-budget airline Ryanair was out of the question for many people because of the bad service, lacking options for transfer and the landing on remote airports. But perhaps it is about time now to reconsider this attitude as the Irish carrier has implemented a lot of improvements and revolutionised its performances. We will inform you about the most important changes:

Ryanair deploys more and more planes directly at the airports of German metropolises like Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and soon maybe also in Munich. This means, that you will not surprisingly land far off the beaten track and have to find your way to the city centre anymore.  

The fact that the low-cost carrier did not provide any options for transfer if a travel destination could not be approached directly, was another big deficit. You had to book two single flights but as a result, you were in charge of taking care that yourself and your luggage reach the following flight. But this shall change now as Ryanair wants to offer more and more transfer flights and thereby is liable itself for the connection flight.


Aside from that, more comfortable extras shall be offered like the possibility to check in online 60 days before the start of the journey if you book a flight with seat reservation.

But despite these improvements, the airline wants to get even cheaper. In 2016, the average price for a flight ticket amounted to 41 Euros, for example, which was already 13 percent lower than the year before. And also during the course of this year, price-cuttings from 5 to 7 percent shall be realized.

By now, Ryanair has the most visited airline homepage in Europe and the machines of the airline are always full up. Therefore, the head of marketing, Kenny Jacobs, considers to expand Ryanair into an “Amazon of travel” which in addition to flights, also offers cheap rental cars, hotels and all expense tours.

So, quite a bit has changed at the Irish airline, wherefore it seems rentable to have it back on the screen again. We are very keen on seeing what will happen next with Ryanair…