Why you should bike to work

More and more people discover the fascination of biking. You might say that it’s in vogue to take a bike instead of a car. Not least because biking supports health and wellbeing, alleviates stress, saves the environment, is affordable and traffic jam is yesterday’s news. Especially in big cities people love biking – even when heading to a business meeting or to the office.


The best idea to stay fit at work: Use a company bike

It’s worth using a bike instead of a car or public transport, especially when it comes to travel short and inner-city distances. Many companies do have already recognized the positive effects of biking. Staff members who are passionate about biking are healthier, stress-resistant, satisfied and more focused on their job. It goes without saying that offering a company bike to the staff is a win-win-situation for both – employer and employee.

Pedelec or normal bike – that’s the question

Sporty employees who do not feel like extending themselves during a ride to the office should consider driving a Pedelec that uses muscle power to generate motor assistance.

Simply rent a bike when you’re on the way to a business meeting

Munich, Dusseldorf, Vienna or Berlin… No matter in which German speaking city frequent business travelers stay, they do not have to go without a bike. There are various possibilities where to get a bike in an unknown city. Many hotels offer a bike rental service anyway. But there are further specialized bike rental services as e.g. Call a Bike or nextbike  that offer easy and affordable access to a bike, too.