What kind of business traveller are you?



In many jobs the willingness to travel is required. Every business traveller has different priorities and organizes its trip individually. Do you go on a trip with very little luggage? Or are you ready for every eventuality? We found four most common business traveller types. Which type are you?

The Technology Traveller

The most important for the technology traveller while travelling is modern technology. The latest tablet with all functionalities, the obligatory smartphone and the latest Gadgets such as a smartwatch, the technology traveller has all the technology devices that could make his trip easier. WiFi is for the Technology Traveller essential!

The Simple Traveller

The simple traveller takes only the most necessary things on a business trip. He gets rid of unnecessary ballast and relies on his long experience. The simple traveller remains calm when it’s about meetings and jet lag. His mental balance and happiness makes him the Buddha within the business travellers.

The Beginner

It’s not easy in the world of business trips as a beginner. The beginner can’t help his self with a long experience and is therefore mostly tense and insecure. On the other hand he is open for new things and full of energy and wants to do a good job. The beginner also wants to use his leisure time in order to discover the new city.

The To-The-Last-Detail-Planner

No issue is left to chance. The to-the-last-detail-planner compares in advance various flight and hotel offers. Trips are optimized in advance and the necessary luggage is planned precisely. Nothing unexpected can happen to the to-the-last-detail-planner. He has always a plan b.