Vegan Lifestyle on a Business Trip

More and more people decide to go vegan and give up eating meat, eggs, milk, dairy goods and honey. To go vegan means changing your lifestyle and being creative in the kitchen. But what happens if a business trip is just around the corner and there is no chance to prepare your meal at home?

Vegan auf Geschäftsreise_Gemüse

I pack my Bag…

…and take some snacks with me. Vegans do have to prepare themselves carefully when starting a business trip. It’s not possible to buy vegan food at every turn. But if you provide yourself with fruits, nuts or muesli bars you can easily come through a stressful business day.

Vegan Breakfast

Business travelers enjoy the most important meal of the day mostly at the hotel. Looking over the breakfast buffet the vegan guest has to search for vegan products as if looking for a needle in a haystack. But there are some foodstuffs that always work well: bread, buns, herbal only margarine, jam without gelatin, muesli with plant milk, fruits, vegetables, coffee without milk and tea. If you do not want to miss your vegan spread do not hesitate to bring it along from home.

Vegan Business Lunch or Dinner

Be honest and inform your business partners in advance that you’re vegan. This ensures that no culinary surprise e.g. cheese niblets or buttered pretzels is awaiting you during the meeting. When it comes to choosing a restaurant that suits everybody well decide for Italian or Asian food as it makes meat lovers, vegetarians as well as vegans happy.

Vegan restaurants and cafés

Business travelers who look for a vegan restaurant will find some really nice ones in German cities. Vegan lifestyle is no footnote anymore and everywhere you can find lovely cafés and restaurants that offer delicious vegan food. If you’re staying in Munich you shouldn’t miss the restaurant Tian that belongs to “Living Hotel Das Viktualienmarkt“, the Max Pett restaurant and the Gratitude. In Weimar the Gartenliebe restaurant pampers its guests with local, seasonal and ecological food. When staying in Berlin you should enjoy a vegan dish at Lucky Leek or at The Bowl restaurant. And the Chimichurri in Frankfurt offers tasty vegan food, too. If you’re on the move you can use the app vanilla bean that leads you to the loveliest and most edgy vegan food locations nearby.