Useful Apps for Business Trips


Business Trip

A business trip can entail unexpected complications. From uncomfortable seats in the aeroplane via lacking internet access through to overextension with foreign currencies – and withal, you should keep track of travel costs and appointments. We reveal several apps which simplify your life on business trips and preserve you from unnecessary stress:

Hopper and SeatGuru

Hopper helps you out with your flight booking and is especially suitable for the harried and less flexible type of business traveller. After the input of the travel data, all the flight options are displayed and the cheapest among them are colour-coded. Moreover, the app predicts the most advantageous moment for booking and even notifies you when the ticket prices fall. In addition to that, the app SeatGuru prevents you from booking an inconvenient seat through a lack of knowledge which is really annoying, especially on long-distance flights. The application shows you the features of the different seats like legroom, adjustability of the backrest and sockets near the seat and thereby guarantees a maximum travel comfort.

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Measures Unit and Currency Converter

This useful application does not only convert sums of money reliably into the respective national currency, but also removes ambiguities about different units of temperature or length. Moreover, the shopping trip on site proves much less complicated with Measures as clothing and shoe sizes can be converted easily.

WiFi Finder

Without internet access, many tradespeople are stranded on business trips, as it just comes with the territory of everyday work to check one’s mails or to call up information. Therefore, the WiFi Finder shows you public, free and also charged wireless local area networks in your surrounding, so that you can access the world wide web when necessary.

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Onexma Expense Reports and Mobile Expenses

The administration of your finances is undertaken by this helpful app as it gathers allowances and travel expenses for you and also helps you accounting for them. Besides, if you complete a fee-based registration, all the allowances are charged automatically and converted into the particular currency and also your routes get recorded.

We hope that we could simplify your next business trip with our tips and we wish you fun with testing the apps!