TripIt for Apple Watch



The are various different travel apps for smartphone that help you with useful functions to plan and execute your trip. One of the most well-known apps is TripIt. The app developers have now optimized TripIt for Apple Watch. If you already have an Apple Watch or still thinking about buying one, the TripIt app could be very interesting for you.

All Information on your Wrist

The app has been optimized from its ground and is perfect for the Apple Watch. You don’t have to search unnecessary in your bag for your smartphone, but have all important information regarding your trip directly on your wrist.

By using this you can with one hand hold your coffee, with the other your luggage and still have a quick look at your wrist and check at which gate you have to check in. With the TripIt Pro version you can even get real time information about your flight and will be immediately informed if there is a delay or any problem.

You can administrate your trip plan and share it with other people, synchronize your calendar and have a look at a map of your location.

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