Trifles that can cut you out of your Promotion



Whether you will get a pay rise or a promotion, significantly depends on how your superiors but also your colleagues are perceiving you. And often, this self-image does not necessarily have to correspond the public image. How you appear to others is often determined by trifles which one self possibly does not even notice. We will reveal the most common mistakes which you can make in the office and which can affect your reputation negatively in some circumstances:

Saying “yes” to everything:

This might make you popular among your colleagues, but you will easily get the reputation of “the idiot on duty” if you accept every task. Moreover you might get indispensable in your current position and will not even be considered for other tasks or promotions. So rather stick to the projects you have fun doing in domains you want to make an outstanding contribution to.

Focussing too much on your work:

Being able to focus, in general, is a very positive thing and will get you further in your professional life. But if it degenerates into rushing through the office without greeting or smiling at your fellows, you will soon be regarded as unfriendly.

Only impressing the boss:

At the end of the day, probably your superior will have the final say if it comes to promotions or the like. But the road thereto will be much less rocky if you have colleagues who back you up. So do not neglect the relationship to your fellows, as a good working atmosphere does not least lead to a better functioning.

Not keeping the golden mean:

How your colleagues perceive you, essentially depends on how much and what you are telling at the office. Here, like in so many spheres of life, it is recommended to keep the golden mean. Listen, but also participate actively in conversations if what you want to say is worth it. And by all means adjust to the working climate. If it is rather formal in your company, it might not be the best idea to talk about your hangover party last weekend. Similarly, you should not act too stiff in a familiar environment.

Consulting the boss about every conflict:

If you have problems with your colleagues, you should by no means directly run to the leadership but rather talk to the concerned person in private first. Often, it is just a simple misunderstanding which can be easily cleared up for good.

Maintaining unpleasant habits:

Often, it comes to little details when creating a negative picture of you among the fellows. Try to attentively watch out for your habits and think about whether they could disturb others, like for instance chewing gum, shaking your leg nervously, constantly making phone calls at the workplace or never sitting at your desk.

Being too ambitious:

Of course you should make an effort and perform good, but try not to be too eager or to outdo all the others. This behaviour did not make you popular in school days and will not make you friends in the vocational world either. So, be humble and let your work speak for yourself.