Tips when Travelling Economy



You don’t always have the possibility to travel business class. If you have to work during the flight, the economy class can get uncomfortable. There are a few things to consider in order to make the best out of your economy class trip. We show you what to take care of and how you can travel comfortably in the economy class.

The Right Seat

The most important thing in the airplane is the seat. Even in the economy class are differences. The most popular seats are booked in the very beginning. That’s why we recommend you to be quick and make a seat reservation. This is very easy with the App “SeatGuru”. Pay attention to it while booking the ticket. The app shows you for every airplane type the best seats. Seats at the emergency exit are very popular because of the huge legroom and are therefor quickly taken. On the website SeatGuru  you can login with your Facebook account or download the mobile app on your smartphone. You will get a lot of information about the seat comfort of every seat, the guidelines of every airline and the individual board service. With SeatGuru your will always find the best seat and enjoy comfort and legroom in the economy class. Here you can download the iPhone App and the Android App.