Tips for Working while Travelling



Nowadays mobile working is a solid part of business life. You can’t go on a business trip and meeting in other city without your smartphone and tablet. Unfortunately there are again and again some annoying problems coming up when working on the way.

Secure Wi-Fi

There is nothing more important than internet. For the most tasks nowadays you need a good internet connection. For you not to surf the web at a snail’s pace, but use a fast connection, you should use a pocket-router. This way you always have your own router at hand and can make sure, that both security standards are kept and that your connection is very good. If you don’t want to purchase a pocket-router, you can inform on about the internet connection in different hotels.

Access to a Printer

There are some moments when digital documents are not enough and you need to print some papers. You should inform in advance where you can print your documents. If your hotel doesn’t have a printer, look for a print shop in the region. In all Living Hotels you can use the printer in the lobby.

Spare Battery

When travelling you don’t always have the chance to charge your devices. That’s why it is advisable to take a spare battery with you in case of an emergency. Then you don’t need to panic when your phone’s battery is dying. With a spare battery you are always available and can continue your work on your smartphone or table.