Tips for LGBT Business Travellers


Business Trip

In contrast to tourists, business travellers have no choice to which places they are sent due to their job. And if the company needs a representative in a backward country where homosexuality is not tolerated or even punished, this means unimaginable stress for LGBT business travellers. The ManAboutWorld Magazine therefore has created the ultimate LGBT Guide to Business Travel which shall simplify the life of homosexual business passengers.

Before starting the official trip

Unfortunately, in more than 76 countries, showing homosexuality still means a punishable offense. In order that also LGBT business travellers can feel safe there, a lot must be considered. For instance, it is indispensable to get informed about the laws and rights of a foreign country beforehand. To some extent this is not so easy, as homosexual actions are indeed prohibited officially in some places, but unofficially are tolerated. Or the opposed case applies and according to official right, equality prevails, but actually there still are sanctions against gays and lesbians. That is the reason why the free guide lists numerous websites and organisations where you can make an inquiry about the conditions at the destination beforehand. Besides, it is recommended to talk to your employer and ask which protection the company offers you on the business trip.

On site

On site, it can be worthwhile to get in touch with the resident LGBT groups in order to get insider tips on the particular situation abroad. For this purpose, there are numerous apps which help one to locate like-minded people. As a LGBT traveller, you always get the chance to enhance the local tolerance. For this, it is necessary to show respect for the values of different cultures, especially as you want to be respected as well. Only in this way, communication and mutual understanding can arise. Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind the consequences for local gays and lesbians in order to not jeopardize them. Also for that, the guide provides manifold organisations which engage for Human Rights and equality and that can be asked if you are not sure about how to act abroad.

Furthermore, you will find generally useful tips about business etiquette, comfortable travelling, technical tools and benefits for smaller companies in the brochure.