Tips for Business Trips



Do you want your business trip to be as perfect as possible and without any bad surprises? Then we have some important tips for you to follow in order to make your next business trip a guaranteed success.

Automatic Out of Office Notices

Make sure to set up an automatic out of office notice in your e-mail client before you leave to a business trip. This is how you inform your clients and business partners about your absence. This generated e-mail replies automatically to all your incoming e-mails and explains that you are not in the office.

Informing Family and Friends

You should explain to your family and friends that you are not on holiday, but on an important business trip in order to prevent them from calling or texting you during meetings. Make sure to find some minutes during the evening to call your family and friends and bring them up to date. Doing this will help you being less stressed during work and at the same time you will be looking forward to the evening and the calls with your family and friends.

Preparations for the trip

If your business trip is taking you abroad, you should definitely take care of everything important such as hotel, flight and eventually visa in advance. You should also check if all your vaccinations are up to date if necessary. Submit your travel expenses right after your arrival in order to get the compensation paid with your next salary.
The validity of passports and identity cards is also important to be checked in advance. Otherwise you will have difficulties applying for a temporary one at the airport and this will also take you a lot of time. Don’t carry everything in your wallet, but especially important documents close to your body in case you lose the wallet you will still have your documents.

Hand Luggage

Last but not least make sure to take only hand luggage with you. This will get you faster and easier to the airplane and you don’t have to wait for your suitcase. Check how many kilos you are allowed to take as a hand luggage and check the weight of your luggage at home.
With this tips your next business trip will be a success for sure and you will have less stress during travelling. We wish you a pleasant business trip and a nice stay at our hotel.