Tips for avoiding Stress on Business Trips


Business Trip

You are already under stress anyway as you want to get to your appointments punctually and then your flight is delayed as well and you miss your connection. Sounds familiar? After we have informed you about how to save ready cash in our last blog article, we deliver you useful tips today, how you can also save precious time on your next business trip.

Efficiently packing a suitcase

As banal as it might sound at first, but just a wisely packed suitcase can save you a lot of time. It helps enormously to create a list of all the essential things beforehand, as often, over the course of your daily routine, stuff comes into your mind that you absolutely need. This spares you the unnecessary walk to the next store at site and additionally, you can reuse your list for future business trips and so always pack your suitcase efficiently in no time. Also tidily folded shirts are, unpacked again at site, often wrinkled already. In order to spare you the ironing, you should roll your shirts instead of folding them.

Living Hotels Blog Stressvermeidung auf Gesch├Ąftsreise

Preparation is everything

As well the transfer at site often develops into an exhausting marathon thanks to delays. Of course, you cannot influence the punctuality of your flight, but definitely your acquaintance with the site plan of the airport. You often can examine it online beforehand, so that you can memorise the route to the right terminal.  Hence, you can avoid the unneeded wandering around on the spot and therefore also the pressure to catch your connection. With the aid of the online check-in that you can conveniently handle from at home, you can save precious time, too. Many airlines offer apps with which you can download your ticket on your smartphone, so that you can avoid the annoying queuing at the counter and go straight through the safety check to your gate.

Living Hotels Blog Stressvermeidung auf Gesch├Ąftsreise

Stranded without battery or internet connection

On business trips, it is essential to be able to check your mails or to seek important information at any time. And even though a free internet connection belongs to the norm of the most hotels by this time, it will not do any harm to play it safe and therefore spare the time-consuming search for a nearby Caf├ę with free Wi-Fi. So, get yourself a handy internet stick and preferably also a mobile power bank, so that you can use your time en route to inform yourselves without a low battery or a poor internet connection.

Living Hotels Blog Stressvermeidung auf Gesch├Ąftsreise

With our tips, you hopefully will not let yourself get worked up so easily on your next business trip, so that you can approach your journey relaxed.