Tips for a successful Networking (2)



We have already provided you with a few tips for a successful networking. But of course, there is far more to it than that! We will reveal what you can do beyond that to expand your business network in the following:

Have fun

Of course, you are joining the event because you are expecting to make new connections, in the first place. But as we have already mentioned in our last blog article, successful networking is actually about building longterm relationships. However, nobody wants to get to know someone who does not smile, nor has fun and who is only focussed on work. Enjoy the time together with your future business contacts!

Be memorable

In order to be kept in the mind of others, you do not necessarily have to be the best. It is much easier to be memorable than to be impressive and often it is also even more promising. Share funny anecdotes or tell about unique experiences. A good insider tip, for instance for a great restaurant or a beautiful excursion destination will not do any harm either.

Do not be sparing with your connections

If you have labouriously built up your network of contacts and by chance come to know two people who have exactly what the other one needs, then do not hesitate to bring them together. Thereby you will be of great assistance to them and you will probably not have to wait too long for a returned favour.  

Stay grounded

Do not only socialize with high-ranked executives and do not be misleaded by impressive titles. Everyone has to start somewhere. For this reason you should also bet on persons who might still be at the beginning but who bring a promising potential instead. Often, these initially underestimated people are the ones who will make the crucial difference later.

Stay realistic

Although you cannot wait to get started with your professional advancement and to make numerous business contacts, successful networking is still hard work. Not everyone will immediately be taken in by your personality and not every event will come up with promising new connections. But do not give up anyhow as your endurance will pay off in the end for sure!