This helps against Aviophobia


Business Trip

More than 20 percent of the people worldwide are afraid of flying to some degree. Hence, aviophobia is a widespread problem which especially business travellers cannot avoid so easily. Therefore, we have collected a few tips which will help you to overcome your nervousness:

First of all, you should try to relax before the flight. Arriving late at the airport in order to put off the evil hour, is rather a bad strategy. Better check in online a few days beforehand and be on site early. Then, you can walk around and climb stairs which helps to reduce the adrenaline level. Aside from that, you should wear soft and convenient clothes and stick to the onion look so that you are prepared for stress-induced hot flushes and chills as well.

Living Hotels Blog Tipps gegen Flugangst

Moreover, it can be reassuring to get informed about the type of aircraft and its structure beforehand. Then, you feel prepared and know where the restrooms and emergency exits are located. Furthermore, it feels good to know that an airplane can even travel up to 200 kilometres by gliding, even if all engines should break down. On the seats above the wings you will be least affected by the movement of the airplane. In the front area it is also a bit more calm, by the way. Travellers with aviophobia should also take the aisle seats, this will make them feel that they can elude.

If you are on board once, you should immediately talk to the flight crew about your anxiety. Then, they can give you helpful tips and are prepared for your questions about sounds and movements that might appear strange to you. Additionally, relaxation and breathing exercises are suitable for reassuring your mind. Distracting yourself with films, music, audiobooks or a conversation with your seatmate can also be helpful.

Living Hotels Blog Tipps gegen Flugangst

That alcohol consumption contributes to your relaxation, is a misbelief, after all. On the contrary, it even intensifies your nervousness. Coffee should also be avoided as it further rapids your pulse. Rather resort to plant-based ingredients like valerian drops, they have a reassuring effect. Snacking, however, is permitted. Eating a candy bar does not only help to keep your blood sugar level above, but also conveys a sense of normality.

We hope, that these tips will help you to relax on your next flight. Have a good trip!