Things to take on a business trip



Being a business traveller it is not always easy. You are a lot on the way, you have a full appointments diary and you have to struggle with a lack of sleep or jet lag. In order to make your business trip as comfortable as possible, we put some tips together that will simplify your next business trip.

1. Cosmetic in Travel Size

In order to travel only with hand luggage, you should buy aftershave and toothpaste always in travel size. Put in a small bag, these everyday things need only little space in a suitcase. Moreover you are fast in passing the security check at the airport and you can also save some time while packing.

2. View Protector Foil

To edit your business mails and documents on the way without others to be able to look at internal company issues, you should use a view protector foil on top of your mobile phone. This screen protection prevents people around you from reading the content on your mobile phone. The foil is easy to remove and can also be put on your laptop’s screen. This is how you are protected from curious eyes.

3. Mobile Battery

If you are running out of battery during a long day, you don’t have to worry. With a mobile battery you can charge your device on the way and fully concentrate on your tasks. By using a mobile battery worries about the battery status are no longer existing and your mobile phone or tablet is always ready for use.

4. Strap Trainer

Staying fit is difficult during a business trip. Nevertheless there is also a possibility to do so with a strap trainer that can be easily put in a suitcase. These practical straps can be fixed on every door and train legs, arms and stomach with a rope and slings system. This is how you can train whenever and wherever you want and stay fit.

5. Kindle and Co.

You don’t have to do your business trip without your favourite books. By using an e-book reader you don’t need to carry heavy books with you and can also save space in your suitcase. With an e-book reader you can also make sure that you will always have enough to read. You can save an enormous amount of book on an e-book reader and read it whenever and wherever you want.