The Viktualienmarkt in Munich: Home of great food!



The Viktualienmarkt in Munich is known way beyond Munich’s boarders for many reasons. Here you can grasp the opportunity of tasting and buying fresh local and international delicacies. Food aficionados could spend hours on the Viktualienmarkt. If you visit Munich as a tourist or stay here for long term in one of our apartment hotels in Munich, you should definitely check out the Viktualienmarkt in Munich!

Little stands offer tasty delicacies

Little stands offer lots of local and international delicacies and goods on an area of more than 22.000 square metres. Our guests in the Living Hotels in Munich should grasp the opportunity to taste and buy fresh fruits, fish, meat or cheese. We assure you that you will also find your ingredients for your home made meal, which you can cook in our fully equipped kitchens in one of our serviced apartments in Munich. Therefore, we highly recommend checking out the “Exotenmüller” for fresh fruits, the fish-stand “Fisch-Witte” or the “Caseus Spezereien” if you feel like tasting wine and cheese.

A historic place in the heart of Munich

The Viktualienmarkt is also known for its historic atmosphere. It was very well-known before the world wars broke out. As the Viktualienmarkt was bombed during the World War II, its importance decreased significantly. However, the residents of Munich decided to rebuild the Viktualienmarkt and since then it is well known for its local delicacies. It is also a popular meeting spot for locals and residence. If you want to get in touch with locals as an international guest in our apartment hotels in Munich, the Viktualienmarkt in the center of Munich is the place to be.

Your Living Hotel in close vicinity to the Viktualienmarkt

The Living Hotel Am Viktualienmarkt is one of the most spectacular apartment hotels in our serviced apartments chain. It is located right next to the Viktualienmarkt and thus in the city center of Munich. Furthermore, the Living Hotel Max Emanuel and the Living Hotel Prinzessin Elisabeth are very centrally located apartment hotels in Munich. That is the reason why you can commute to the Viktualienmarkt from these two apartment hotels in Munich in no time.

We wish you a great stay in Munich and hope that you enjoy the special atmosphere at the Viktualienmarkt!