The searching & finding of the perfect smart suitcase...



So called smart trolleys are the new travelcompanions which you definitely need for your next (business) travel. Because if you find your perfect suitcase with smart additional features, you don’t want to travel without them ever again and you know: a suitcase is not only a storage option for your travels. In the last few years, various additonal functions were developed and set the first step in direction to the future of travelling. Charging your smartphone or tracking the position of your suitcase are only the beginning of smart gadgets offered by the luggage manufacturing. here we want to present you some of those newly developed models, so you can find your personal perfect travel companion yourself.


The “Modobag” is a project, realized through crowdfunding and drives its owner with an integrated engine through the terminals of the world. No more heavy suitcase dragging is the motto of this smart trolley, which promises a completely new way of travel with its 150-Watt-engine inside. Although the weight of the suitcase (8,6kg) is relatively heavy because of the engine, you will still be very happy if you can “drive” long distances in or outside the terminal on your suitcase-car. This fancy, smart tool together with the integrated USB-Ports make the “Modobag” perfect for the next tireding business trip and costs about 1095 US $. You can find more information here.



The suitcase “Bluesmart” is THE US-pioneer in the area of smart travelling and was developed through crowdfunding in 2014 in the silicon valley. Meanwhile they already evolved a second generation of their smart suitcases, called “Black Edition”, which technophilic travelers already love. By means of an integrated GPS-chip, you can locate your trolley whenever you want. And with the installed scale in the handle of the suitcase you can easily see the weight directly on your smartphone.  In addition the Bluesmart brags to offer a very efficient load volume to charge your mobile devices up to 6 times. Through the connected app you can also control your suitcase lock, which locks if you leave and sends an automated message to your smartphone. This suitcase is definitely much more than an ordinary storage for your clothes and only costs 599€. You will find more information about the Bluesmart here.

Rimowa – Electronic Tag

The well-known luggage manufacturer Rimowa is one of the few traditional companies of this industry which can keep up with the innovative Start-ups and developed a very special tool for its suitcases. In contrast to most of the other companies which rely on GPS-chips and charging options for mobile devices, Rimowa is evolving the so called “Electronic Tag” replacing the traditional luggage tag out of paper and speeding up the process of check-in. This Tag is working through an integrated module and a visible display on the suitcase. To use the tool the passanger needs two apps, one from Rimowa , the other one of the corresponding airline, for example from Lufthansa which is Rimowas Launchpartner in this project. With this tool you will not only get your electronic ticket at mobile check-in, but you can also “load” the electronic luggage tag directly to the display on your suitcase. At the airport you only have to place your trolley on the luggage belt and save time at the counter. At the moment only Lufthansa and the asian airline EVA Air are partnering with Rimowa, but United, Thomas Cook and Condor are interested to join this innovative idea. And the best thing about it: you can get the “Electronic Tag” as an optional add-on tool for different lines of Rimowa cases. You can get more information about the tool here.


Delsley Pluggage

The so called “Pluggage” suitcase of manufacturer Delsley introduces itself as the first french suitcase with internet connection, but is still behind schedule of the development  and the market launch, which was planned for summer 2016. What is special about this smart trolley are not the features itselves but the possibility for the clients to participate in the decision-making-process of choosing which features will be developed. Ranging from integrated chargers to installed scales and digital lock-functions through fingerprint up to speakers and GPS-location determination – clients can choose out of 10 gadgets and vote for their very personal favourite feature on the website. Here you can get more information or can even vote for the innovative features yourself.

The finding of your perfect suitcase matched to your personal requirements is not that easy, right?We love all of the four presented innovative options and wish you goof luck for choosing one and your next travel trip with it:)