The perfect Timing on Business Events



According to a survey, the majority of the invited guests is 58 minutes late on social occasions on average. But even if our society is becoming more and more informal and relaxed, there is nonetheless a certain etiquette for punctuality and dwell time, especially at business events. We will reveal what works and what does not:

When you should appear

If it comes to punctuality on business occasions, it depends on which kind of event it is, of course. But in general the following rule applies: the less invited guests, the more punctual you should be. You do not seem important or busy if you are late. On the contrary: you rather appear overbearing, indifferent and uncoordinated. This mix of arrogance and a lack of planning can even spoil your career. Therefore, you should be present not later than twenty minutes after the official start, at a dinner party even earlier. Is it just an unstructured soiree with more that 70 guests, you can actually come when you want, but clearly before the end of the event. Arriving before the official beginning is at least as impolite as running late, by the way. Moreover, it also depends on what is written in the invitation, of course. “From 8 p.m.” obviously gives you more leeway than “At 8 p.m. sharp”.

How long you should stay

If you are intending not to stay the whole evening on the business event, you should wait for the right moment for your appearance. In the best case, you should show up when the room is not completely overcrowded yet and the attendants are still halfway sober and then talk to the hosts and the most important guests. Thereby, you make sure that you will be noticed and that the others also remember that you have joined the event. If you have more fun than expected, on the contrary, and would like to stay even longer, you should nonetheless say goodbye to the attendants not later than ten minutes before the end of the event. Is it a party with open end, it is recommended to set off for home when only ten percent of the guests are left. Especially, when the host shows signs of tiredness, you should also go home.

We wish you a lot of fun on your next business event and a successful networking!