The new flight data storage law: Which information is detected?


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In April, the new law about flight data storage has been launched and since then, airlines are obliged to convey comprehensive data sets of their passengers to the Federal Criminal Police office to encourage counterterrorism. The information gets stored for five years and can be exchanged between the states of the EU if required. But which data is ascertained actually? The fewest will know about this in detail. But especially the frequent flyers among you should be interested in which of their dates is saved. We will elucidate you:

First of all, obvious facts like your last, your first and your birth name are detected, whereby people with foreign sounding names often are controlled particularly careful. But also your address and contact details like you mobile phone number or your mail address are stored, insofar you did not book your flight via a tourist agency. Moreover, the date of booking and the day of the purchase of the flight ticket plus payment information and the sort of the ticket order is gathered. If you pay your ticket in cash, directly at the airport shortly before the start of the journey, this makes a suspicious impression. Also one way flights are principally alarming.


In addition, information about your itinerary, like a rental car booked beforehand, the in a holiday package included hotel or the planned round trip can be ascertained and conveyed in some circumstances. Also details about your luggage and special requirements like for travellers with babies or a bulky musical instrument or an ordered wheelchair and a diet menu are saved for instance. Aside from that, the data of your fellow passengers is connected to you and the contact information of the attendants of minor travellers is collected. As well, facts around your seat and every change in the transmitted data is of interest. And there is even more to it than the mentioned points.


So, if you have an oriental sounding name, above payed a one way ticket directly at the airport in cash and thereto booked a vegetarian menu and a seat near the cockpit, you can brace yourself for an extensive control at the safety check…