The Museum Island in Berlin - a green oasis



The museum island in Berlin is not only full of interesting touristic attractions, but also transmits a relaxed atmosphere. The Living Hotel Großer Kurfürst and the Living Hotel Henriette are located in close vicinity. Both business travelers and tourists love the relaxed atmosphere after a busy day of work or a long sightseeing day.

An island in a historical setting

The museum island has always been a place full of history. The island represented art and science ever since. In 1830 the Old Museum was opened, which at the same time was the first public museum of Prussia. It hosted the royal Antikensammlung, which contains thousands of archeological Artefakts from the Greek, Roman, Etruscan and Cypriot civilizations. During the cold war these collections were separated, but reunited after the fall of the iron curtain in 1989.

Furthermore, the Berlin Cathedral is located on the museum island. It represents the “Kaiserzeit” (engl. German Empire). Interestingly, the Berlin Cathedral has never been seat of a bishop and thus, has never been a cathedral in the original sense. Still, it is one of the best-known cathedrals in Germany, which is mainly due to its impressive appearance and also its public importance.

A green oasis in the center of Berlin

The Lustgarten is a green park on the museum island and thus offers a green and relaxed atmosphere in the center of Berlin for both local residents and visitors, expats or tourists. It also has a vast social importance, as lots of parades  and also mass rallies were organized in the Lustgarten. On a sunny day relaxing in the beautiful lawn of the Lustgarten can be a great pleasure.

A day on the museum island

As you already know, the museum island has a lot to offer. Next to the old museum, the Berlin Cathedral and the Lustgarten, feel free to visit the New Museum, Bodemuseum and archeological promenade. The best thing about this mix of sights is that the guests in our apartment hotels can discover the history of Berlin on a compact area. We highly recommend business travelers to relax in the Lustgarten after a long day of work in order to get some distraction from your work life.

Two Living Hotels in close vicinity

The Living Hotel Großer Kurfürst and the adjacent Living Hotel Henriette are located in close vicinity to the museum island. The central location and the great facilities in these apartment hotels in Berlin speak for themselves and will convert your stay – be it for business or private purposes – a memorable one. We wish you a great stay in one of our Living Hotels!