The most Extraordinary Means of Transport in the World



If you are thinking about distinctive features of a country, probably architectural sights and culinary delicacies will come to your mind at first. But something is still missing… The means of transport, of course! And maybe you get the possibility to try the characteristic transportations on a business trip. If cabs, busses and trains are too mainstream for you, the following vehicles should be to your liking:

The Egyptian Felucca

The Egyptian Felucca is a wooden sailing boat with two masts that can come up with a long history. Formerly, the Felucca has been utilised as battle and pirate ship, later it has been repurposed into a merchant vessel. The traditional boat cruises the Egyptian coastal waters, but especially the Nile and can carry up to ten persons. The journey time is variable from one hour up to several days. The crew cooks and in the evening, it stops at one of the little villages near the riverside. Such a sailing trip is much more authentic than a boring Nile cruise and definitely worthwhile!   

The Cuban Coco Taxi

It is incredibly noisy and you will really feel the airstream fully. Nonetheless, the Cuban Coco Taxi enjoys great popularity among tourists as well as among the locals. You have to imagine some sort of tricycle which is opened to front and reminds indeed of a coconut with its round shape. It can carry two co-drivers. The cab for natives is painted black and is much cheaper than for tourists. Visitors must look out for a bright yellow taxi and pay approximately one Dollar for a distance of up to ten kilometres. Therewith, the Coco Taxi is much cheaper than a normal taxi and also significantly more airy than the sticky bus.

The Filipino Habal-Habal

The legendary Filipino Habal-Habal is a motorcycle which can also reach the most remote places over steep, narrow and badly surfaced streets. It is presumably the smallest public mean of transport. On a wooden plank which is laid over the backseat, up to five people can take place. For the most courageous among you, there is the Skylab, an XXL version of the motorcycle which can carry 13 persons including luggage. However, the Habal-Habal is illegal wherefore you are not insured in case of an accident. So, this hazardous transportation is only suited for really venturesome travellers and it is absolutely recommended to wear a helmet.