The most Extraordinary Means of Transport in the World (2)


Business Trip

In our last blog article, we have already introduced the Egyptian Felucca, the Cuban Coco Taxi and the Filipino Habal-Habal. But there are still many other curious means of transportation, that you should obligatory utilise on your next business trip:

The Dutch Amfibus

Many cities cannot only be explored in a sightseeing bus ashore, but also from the water with an excursion ship. In order that you do not have to decide on one of the two and therefore miss half of the attractions, there is the Amfibus in Rotterdam. Since 2011 it has been used as tourist boat and it can drive on the streets as well as on the water. In Amsterdam, similar round trips are offered from the airport Schiphol with the “Floating Dutchman”. Ashore, these amphibious vehicles can reach up to 100 kilometres per hour and in water, they can still manage 15.

The Monorail in Wuppertal

The world-famous landmark of the German city Wuppertal is part of the local public transport and carries more than 80.000 passengers each day. In the year 1898, the monorail has already been sent on its first test drive and by this time it is under monumental protection. Recently, it has also been honoured with the iF Design Award 2017. The majority of the 13,3 kilometres long route, you will hover approximately 12 metres above the river Wupper. The monorail offers seats for 45 passengers, a day saver ticket costs 6,80 Euros.

The US-American Ice Angel

The inhabitants of the US-American island Madeline in Wisconsin can normally reach the mainland by the fairy. But when the Lake Superior is frozen in winter, it is too dangerous for the normal fairy to cruise the three kilometres long distance between Madeline and Bayfield. Here, the Ice Angel IV comes in, an air cushion vehicle, that slides elegantly over the ice with up to 22 passengers. However, the Ice Angel is only in operation for three weeks per year. Due to the climate change, the service life will even become shorter in the future.