The House of History on the Museum Mile in Bonn



Germany is a country full of different cultures and people from different countries. And it has been that way ever since. The House of History on the museum mile in Bonn illustrates this in a very special way. Especially in times like these, where many refugees seek protection in safe countries such as Germany, the exhibition helps us to get sensible for such a sensitive topic. Accordingly, the House of History on the museum mile in Bonn offers a great free leisure activity for business travelers who live in our Living Hotel Kanzler in Bonn. 

“Our history. Germany since 1945”

With more than 7000 exhibits the permanent exhibition “Our history. Germany since 1945” highlights the history of Germany since the end of the 2nd world war in a very special and multimedia way. Interviews with contemporary witnesses offer insights into the difficulties the country as well as its residents had to deal with during and after the second world war. The cold war as well as the separation into East and West Germany are further important topics at this permanent exhibition. Recent history, which mainly deals with increased globalization and its impact on our lifes, also plays an important role.

“More and more colorful. Immigration Country Germany”

The exhibiton “More and more colorful. Immigration Country Germany” lasts till August 9th. The exhibition deals with the development of Germany as an immigration country with more than 800 exhibits. Various cultures and traditions convert Germany into a very diverse country. Germany is home to many foreign workers since the beginnings of the 70s and many of these workers settled down in Germany. Topics, such as “Bogus Asylum Seekers” or “Fake Asylum”, which were put in the wrong setting in the media, are also part of the exhibition. According to the recent developments in the Far East this exhibition is more appropriate than ever, as it covers the topics of integration and assimilation, parallel societies, xenophobia and islamophobia, and many more. This is how the exhibition aims at preventing us from the alarming dangers of intolerance towards immigrants.

Free time activity for business travelers in our apartment hotel in Bonn

The Living Hotel Kanzler is located in close vicinity to the museum mile in Bonn. Thus, business travelers staying in our apartment hotel in Bonn can plan their leisure activities on the museum mile and of course also visit the house of history. The House of History offers a great leisure activity, as you get great impressions on Germany’s  recent history. Admission to the House of History in Bonn is free.

We wish you a lot of fun in the house of history on the museum mile in Bonn and a great stay in the Living Hotel Kanzler!