The four Types of Business Travellers


Business Trip

Business trips currently are totally in vogue and for many employees they belong to their working routine by now. The hotel loyalty club Wanup has extracted four types of business travellers from their numerous members who all impose different requirements on a hotel. Do you already know which type you match?

The characteristics & needs of the 4 types of business travel

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The luxurious travellers

If you recognize yourself in this category, you probably work for a multinational company. Money does not play a huge role for you. So you can definitely afford to make high demands. This is already the case with the journey, wherefore the luxurious travellers fly business class of course. The expensive hotel should offer an individual support as well as a modern furnishing and a sophisticated restaurant within. Additionally, extra business services such as a cleansing are expected by this type of traveller. In return, the luxurious traveller is loyal and stays with a hotel if it is able to fulfil his requirements.

The busy travellers

The busy ones stand out due to their full appointment calendar. They are very occupied with their jobs and always on the run. To meet the high vocational demands, they have to be flexible and therefore they also fly in the economy class if it works out better for their fixed dates. So it is hardly surprising that this type of travellerwants to get the most out of his limited free time. That is why the busy ones appreciate it if their hotel has a pool or a fitness centre so that they can burn off energy after an exhausting working day. Additionally, the hotel should be near the airport and next to important exposition centres so that the busy travellers can rush from one appointment to the next.

The relaxed travellers

This type of traveller wants to combine business with leisure time and thereby is the most common among all of the four types. After the work is done, they often hang on a few days of vacation on site, so that they can recover and explore the city. For these independent and adventurous travellers, the hotel should ideally be located in the city centre where many tourist attractions and shopping possibilities are waiting for them. Hotels can impress with trip suggestions, shopping guides and city maps that make it easier for the relaxed travellers to organise their spare time excitingly.

The digital travellers

The last one of the four types often uses social media channels like Facebook or twitter on his business trips to connect with others and to let his already established online community take part in his trip via photos and posts. The digital travellers are mainly young and perceive business trips as a great advantage of their work. They consider themselves satisfied with the economy class and prefer spending their nights in individual boutique hotels with free WiFi.

Do you already know what type of travel you are?
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