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The most Livable Cities in the World

The US consulting firm Mercer has published its annual survey about the quality of living of different cities from all over the world once again. The basis of the examination formed 39 criteria from ten different categories which play an important role in everyday life according to expatriates. More than 450 cities worldwide have been studied, among them altogether 231 metropolises have been included in the ranking of Mercer, wherefore it counts among the most comprehensive ones in its domain. We will reveal everything you have to know about the survey in the following:

Which criteria are playing a role?

One essential criteria of a livable city presents the political and social environment, accompanied by stability and a low crime rate. But also economic prosperity and personal freedom play a central role when it comes to quality of living. An excellent medical care and a health benefiting environment with distinguished air quality and impeccable waste disposal also contribute to the feelgood factor of a city. In addition to that, the educational standard as well as the condition of the infrastructure and the public transport have been examined. Moreover, recreational facilities and leisure opportunities have been as crucial for the ranking as the housing situation, the availability of consumer goods, the amount of green spaces and the climate of a city.

vienna-1822138_1920 (1)
Which cities have performed best?

The city with the highest quality of living worldwide according to the Mercer study is Vienna, already for the 9th time in a row now. This is hardly surprising as more than half of the Austrian capital consists of green areas and its old town with the historic variety and the impressing architecture has even been nominated World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO. Moreover, Vienna has numerous cultural institutions, a very well built out public transport system and has much to offer also in respect of gastronomy and nightlife.  

In third place worldwide, directly behind Zurich and thereby in first place of the German cities, Munich follows. The Englischer Garten, the Isarauen and the Olympic Park definitely contribute to the quality of living of this metropolis with heart. But also in economic respect, Munich ranks among the elite and is headquarter of numerous world market leaders, including seven listed DAX companies. On top of that, the Bavarian state capital can boast numerous renowned cultural and creative institutions and facilities. Furthermore, Munich qualifies as safest major city in Germany.

Other German cities which stand out due to their outstanding quality of living are Dusseldorf based on its good infrastructure as well as numerous cultural and leisure facilities in the 6th place, Frankfurt thanks to its unique mix of international flair, economical dynamics and traditional culture in the 7th place and the German capital city Berlin for its individuality and versatile leisure activities and historical sites in the 13th place.

Due to their extraordinarily high quality of living, these metropolises are perfectly suited not only for city trips over the weekend, but also for long-term stays of business travellers. The Living Hotels with their unique mixture of classical hotel rooms and comfortable Serviced Apartments are specially geared to the needs of both target groups. We are also represented in Vienna, Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Berlin by the way, where we impress with our top locations in the countryside but nonetheless close to the city centre. Convince yourself of our hospitality and come to see us in the most livable cities in the world! We look forward to your visit!

Frankfurt’s Events in March

After we have already informed you about Berlin’s exciting events in March last week, today, we would like to present you the most important sensation in Frankfurt this month:

Luminale (18th – 23rd of March 2018)

In March, Frankfurt’s houses, streets and squares will be glowing again! Since 2002, every two years, the biennial for light and media art as well as for city design takes place in Frankfurt and Offenbach. The versatile programme invites participants to rediscover the city and therefore the Luminale counts to the most popular events of the Rhine-Main area with more than 200.000 visitors so far. The festival is divided into five different projects:

Luminale ART: Via video mapping, photography, installations and multimedia, extraordinary artists engage with the field of tension between light and city. The prefigurations of the on-topic light art are the architecture, history, reception and usage of specific places as well as relevant questions concerning the city Frankfurt. Moreover, the Light Walk invites to a discovery tour in the city-centre, passing the artistic works and thereby connecting the landmarks, memorials and hidden places of Frankfurt with each other.

Luminale SOLUTIONS: This format brings renowned experts from the disciplines politics, culture, science and society together in a dialogue about the future and the city development in the Rhine-Main area as well as in global regard in theory and practice. The most important topics hereby are the individual, architecture, safety, environment and light in the city. The light-flooded Spanish culture centre, Instituto Cervantes, provides the perfect location for this.

Luminale STUDY: Here, the projects of universities and other education institutes are presented in order to also grant young talents room for their own perspectives and visions.

Luminale COMMUNITY: Likewise, the urban community gets the possibility to address topics like design, development and quality of living of the public space with self initiated contributions, exhibitions, events and experiments.

Luminale BETTER CITY: This area involves projects which survive permanently and thereby make a visible contribution to the sustainability of the whole Luminale Festival.


You should definitely not miss out on this versatile and glowing spectacle! So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to the beautiful Rhine-Main metropolis! Our comfortable Living Hotels are also represented in Frankfurt, by the way! Stop by, we are looking forward to welcoming you!  

The most beautiful Christmas Markets (2)

After we have already introduced the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Munich and Vienna in our last blog article, we would like to continue festively also this week. Get inspired by our atmospheric recommendations in order to come into the right mood for the most wonderful time of the year:

Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt (1.12. – 24.12.2017)

All the enthusiasts of the original Nuremberg bratwursts and the world famous gingerbread will find the correct address with the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt, for sure. The traditional delicacies have not only been tried and trusted for more than 70 years, but also have organic quality and can thereby be enjoyed with a good conscience. Moreover, the Christmas Market cares about energy efficiency measures and about products from regional artisanal production and partly still even uses the booths from the year 1890. An attraction of a very special kind is, without doubt, a round trip in the historic, yellow mail coach. Tickets can be bought at the Christmas post office, where you can additionally let your Christmas post get equipped with the exclusive Christkindlesmarkt special stamp which will make a collector’s heart leap for joy. North of the central market, on the Townhall Square, adventurous visitors will be welcomed by the Market of twin cities. Here, booths from Turkey, the US, from Cuba, China, Sri Lanka, Greece and many more countries offer art handicrafts from all over the world as well as authentic culinary delicacies. If you would like to enjoy an international Christmas atmosphere and extraordinary gift ideas, you will surely make a find here. On the Hans-Sachs-Platz behind the central market, there is an extra Nuremberg children’s Christmas Market. A steam carousel, a railway and a small giant wheel will delight the youngest. Moreover, an own bakery, a candle making factory and the Christ Child are waiting to enchant the kids.

Frankfurt Christmas Market (27.11. – 22.12.2017)

The Townhall Square, also called Römerberg, located in the centre of Frankfurt’s old town, forms an atmospheric setting for one of the biggest Christmas Markets in Germany. In the middle of the historic Frankfurt Christmas Market, a giant Christmas tree ablazes the old town in a festive light. Creatively decorated booths offer traditional Frankfurt pastries, like for example “Bethmännchen”, “Brenten” and “Quetschemännchen”. Aside from numerous Advent concerts, an atmospheric nativity play and the traditional brass music, also a nostalgic Christmas carousel is waiting for the kids. The absolute highlight, however, presents the worldwide unique “Frankfurt Großes Stadtgeläute”. The overall 50 bells of all ten inner-city churches will strike up a half-hour Christmas concert on the 2nd and 24th of December together.

Hence, both Christmas Markets are really exceptional and definitely worth a visit. So, what are you waiting for? Visit one of our Living Hotels in Nuremberg or Frankfurt and let yourself get enchanted by the wonderful Christmas spirit. We look forward to welcoming you!