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Clothes make the Man

Nowadays we have an employment market where products, services and even staff members seem to have become replaceable. Hence, if you would like to stick in the memories of customers and business partners or want to bring your career to the next level, it is essential to leave a lasting impression. And how could this work easier as with your personal style of dress? As the old proverb states appropriately: “clothes make the man”.

Find out which clothing style suits you

As we all know, it is often the very first impression which is crucial in the end and it just originates in a superficial basis. For that reason, you should choose clothes which represent your brand and thereby attract the clients and business partners which fit to it. However, your clothes should not only convey the image that others should have of you. It is at least as important that they suit your personality. Hence, it is necessary to find the golden medium. Try to describe your character precisely in only three words and do not hesitate to consult onlookers, as public image and self image do not always comply with each other. Subsequently, you can think about which style of dress suits you personally as well as the aims in your job.

Reorganise your wardrobe

If you are standing in front of your overflowing wardrobe every morning again and never find anything to wear nonetheless, this does not necessarily mean that you have to replace your stock of clothes completely. Often, it is already helpful to reorganise your wardrobe. Divest yourself of rigorously of all pieces which do not fit and not suit you and which do not match the image that you would like to convey of yourself, at first. Thereby, only clothing will remain which you really can and also want to wear whereby you will save a lot of time. Aside from that, you can already combine different pieces which go well together in advance and thereby create complete and harmonious outfits. Say goodbye to the common order and do not store skirts, trousers, blouses, shirts and suits separated from each other as you will wear them together anyway. Also, take care of buying only clothes of high quality workmanship. Only in that way you will leave a professional impression and show that you place value on a high quality, also in your job.

How to improve your Time Management

Everyone would like to have more free space, more time for friends, family or themselves. Unfortunately, our days only count 24 hours. But how is it that some people are just more successful in making the most out of their limited time? We will show you how you can also manage to eliminate time-consuming activities and to improve your time management in this blog article:

Planning instead of multitasking

Although we are trying it again and again, multitasking is not the solution to our problem of time. Burdening ourselves with too many tasks at a time, normally only leads to a reduction of our concentration and of the quality of our work, whereby we do not even necessarily achieve more in a quantitative regard. For that reason, it is essential that you acquire a healthy egoism. Even if you want to please your boss and your colleagues, of course, it does not get you anywhere if you sacrifice yourself for it. Therefore, you must learn to say no from time to time. Moreover, the tasks which your coworkers consider to be urgent do not imperatively also have to be the most important ones. Hence, you should set your priorities by yourself and concentrate on the essentials. Thereby it is helpful to create a schedule which must contain enough time buffers as most tasks actually take up more time than you would originally have expected.

Work-life-balance instead of stress

In addition to that, you should not let your life besides your job go short. Take care of your relationships and amities and take some time for yourself and your health. Only with an equilibrated work-life-balance, you will stay happy and thus also efficient in the long run. Of course, stress cannot be avoided completely. But the good news is, that everyone can learn to deal with it in a more relaxed manner. Negative stress only arises when the unpleasant feeling that we do not have a bearing of our own situation creeps up on us. However, if you are able to manage your time more efficiently from now on, you will soon get everything under control again and can breathe easily again.

How you will bring your career to the next level in 2018

At the beginning of the year, we have already provided you with a few suggestions for good resolutions concerning your working life and have also presented some tips how you can actually realise them. If you have planned on bringing your career to the next level in 2018, we will reveal what you should consider in the following:

Why do you want to build your career?

If you are already observing the job market, this is definitely indicating that you are not entirely content with your current job. Maybe you feel like you do not have attained the end you have in view yet or you just cannot imagine to stay in the same company until your retirement. If the wish for making a career has aroused rather indeterminately in the back of your mind so far, you should by all means give thought to why you actually want to move up the ladder before you can proceed with the next step. Would you like to earn more money or gain greater influence? Are you longing for alternation and therefore looking for a new challenge? Do you want to carry more responsibility or would you like to make a change with your position? There are many reasons for building a career and only if you are aware of your personal motivation, you can look out for a proper job offer.

Are you suitable for a ranking position?

The next step is to figure out whether you actually meet the required profile of the desired post. Perhaps your prospects look more auspicious when you absolve one or another further training or improve your language skills before applying. In addition to that you must make sure where your strengths lie as not every personality is necessarily appropriate for a higher position or even as an executive. It does not only depend on the technical knowhow and social skills after all, but also on assertiveness, organisational and motivational talent. Aside from that, not even the most promising potential will be of use if nobody outside your company knows about it. Take care that you extend your publicity among the decision makers in your profession by applying as a speaker on branch events, for instance.

We hope that we could give you some interesting food for thought with this article and we will deliver more helpful tips concerning your career next week.

Tips for a successful Networking (2)

We have already provided you with a few tips for a successful networking. But of course, there is far more to it than that! We will reveal what you can do beyond that to expand your business network in the following:

Have fun

Of course, you are joining the event because you are expecting to make new connections, in the first place. But as we have already mentioned in our last blog article, successful networking is actually about building longterm relationships. However, nobody wants to get to know someone who does not smile, nor has fun and who is only focussed on work. Enjoy the time together with your future business contacts!

Be memorable

In order to be kept in the mind of others, you do not necessarily have to be the best. It is much easier to be memorable than to be impressive and often it is also even more promising. Share funny anecdotes or tell about unique experiences. A good insider tip, for instance for a great restaurant or a beautiful excursion destination will not do any harm either.

Do not be sparing with your connections

If you have labouriously built up your network of contacts and by chance come to know two people who have exactly what the other one needs, then do not hesitate to bring them together. Thereby you will be of great assistance to them and you will probably not have to wait too long for a returned favour.  

Stay grounded

Do not only socialize with high-ranked executives and do not be misleaded by impressive titles. Everyone has to start somewhere. For this reason you should also bet on persons who might still be at the beginning but who bring a promising potential instead. Often, these initially underestimated people are the ones who will make the crucial difference later.

Stay realistic

Although you cannot wait to get started with your professional advancement and to make numerous business contacts, successful networking is still hard work. Not everyone will immediately be taken in by your personality and not every event will come up with promising new connections. But do not give up anyhow as your endurance will pay off in the end for sure!

Tips for a successful Networking (1)

Good connections are the key to success. Because often, it rather depends on who you know than on what professional skills you have. This may seem unfair, but we will reveal here how you should approach other people in order to practise a successful networking:  

Stay true to yourself

The first basic rule might sound profound, but it is nonetheless absolutely essential: always stay true to yourself. Trying to impress others at all cost, can quickly mislead one to behave differently or to invent some successes. In the end however, the truth will always out, wherefore it is the best to stay honest in any case. And if you are accepted for who you really are, that is much more fulfilling, anyway.

Put quality over quantity

Another mistake which is often made when trying to network, is to aim at selling oneself to the future business contacts in the first place. The actual point is, however, to build up long-term relationships and to evoke sympathy. Moreover the general rule “quality before quantity” applies also with networking! Numerous superficial acquaintances will not be of use to you. It is the few, but close contacts who will do you a favour.

Be punctual

“Coming late is in” – if you stick to this maxim, you will have a lot more difficulties with networking than the ones who appear at the event at the stipulated time. Because punctuality does not only signalise that the event and the guests there are important to you, but it also shows that you are an organised person one would like to connect with. Moreover, it is much easier to socialize in the small circle of the early attendants than later in a room full of people who all have already found their dialogue partners.

Pay attention

Remember every little detail of the conversation with your future business contacts, no matter how unimportant it may seem and if necessary, even take notes afterwards. Knowing what your counterpart likes to eat, which places he has already travelled and which outlook he represents, can become useful later on in some circumstances. Moreover, you can come up trumps with your knowledge at your next dialogue and therefore prove real interest.

Prepare yourself

In addition to that, you should get clear about what you expect from the event beforehand and which new contacts you would like to establish there. The next step is to consider specific information which you want to obtain from your counterpart and which brings you closer to your professional goals. If you only make small talk and ask some general standard questions, you will appear unprepared and unfocused and will scarcely linger in the other’s memories. It also cannot hurt to address the respective person via e-mail with a subsequent question, fitting your conversation again after the event in order to cement ties.

How to finish more Projects without hiring additional Staff

Many times, money and employees are scarce in enterprises and there are too much tasks for too few staff. Especially young companies and startups often have difficulties to exhaust all their capacities and to finish all their projects. We will reveal a few tips how you can restructure your business in order to manage more assignments without hiring additional staff for it:

Reduce communication

Of course it does make sense to coordinate and synchronize projects but in fact, a huge part of the communication we spend therefore is actually not really necessary. The time that it takes to read unimportant mails, to chat, to make phone calls and to hold meetings, could therefore mostly be used more reasonable. Often, you bother with unimportant details, talk too long and are not productive in the end. It can be helpful to minimize the communication channels and for example handle everything via Basecamp, so that all the information is located in one place and every task is clearly assigned.


A flood of tasks and projects moreover often has the consequence that suddenly every employee is responsible for all sorts of areas. This, in turn, requires more agreements among one another so that not everything is settled twice or threefold. Normally, it is more efficient if you have experts who are specialized on a certain field and therefore know exactly what they have to do.

Small working steps

Aside from that it is motivating to split greater projects into small working steps so that one does not get the feeling that one is standing in front of a giant mountain of work which can scarcely be mastered. If you structure your goals and also prioritize them, you can finish your most important tasks everyday and are happy about having accomplished something. You should also desist from adding more and more things to the to do list all the time and rather finish already running projects instead.

Keep rest periods

And last but not least it is important to be aware of the fact that overtime hours until late in the evening and Sunday or holiday work might help to finish off more for a short time. In the long run however, excessive stress has a negative effect on your productive capacity and can even lead to burnout in the end.