Staying fit on Business Trips


Business Trip

Living healthy can be a great challenge even in normal circumstances, but on business trips, it seems almost impossible. The breach of our daily routine regularly leads us to tossing overboard our healthy diet plan together with our sports programme and to neglecting our health. You have to give yourself a treat from time to time, after all. However, if you once allow yourself to become lazy, it is incredibly difficult to return to your positive habits again afterwards. Sitting for hours in the plane or in meetings together with a pressure of time and a lack of sleep additionally contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. We will reveal how you will stay fit on your business trips nonetheless:

Keeping your daily routine

Try to maintain your daily routine also on business trips, even if it is hard. Hence you should take your meals at the usual time of day and also preserve your sleep pattern, as far as the time zone allows it, of course. Even if you suffer from a lack of time, you should organise your daily schedule in a way that allows you to get eight hours of sleep every night in order to be able to function permanently. Also your sports programme must by all means be pulled through so that you will be able to keep on sticking to it also after your business trip! Therefore, you only have to take your sports clothing and appropriate shoes with you, so that there will be no excuse! Jogging and training with your own body weight is possible all over the world, after all and in fact even completely without special equipment.

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Maintaining your healthy lifestyle

In addition to that, we recommend taking at least one healthy meal per day – no matter whether you cook it yourself in one of our fully equipped serviced apartments or whether you let it be prepared freshly by the hotel restaurant. Aside from that, you should purchase a reusable drinking bottle which you refill with tap water on the way again and again! This is not only sustainable, but also preserves you from the unpleasant consequences of dehydration like headaches, weariness and concentration difficulties. While we are already on the topic water – especially when you are on the go, you should as soon as the opportunity comes along, extensively wash your hands and maybe even additionally carry a disinfection gel with you. Public means of transport are real bacterial foci and a proper hygiene can effectively prevent you from catching a cold or worse.

Living Hotels Blog Fit bleiben auf Geschäftsreise