Stay fit on your business trip



It is a tough challenge to eat healthy and do sports and fitness in your freetime and it is nearly impossible on your business trip. They serve you frozen products on the flight, chocolate cake and coke during the business meeting and at the hotel the room service delivers you unhealthy meals. There is no time on your lunchtime because the next appointment is already waiting. It is really not easy for business travelers, but if you keep on our tips you will know how to stay fit and healthy on your business trip.

Breakfast like a King

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives our body all the nutrients that it needs and energy for the whole day. You should take your time for a long and big breakfast in the morning and not just drink a coffee for take away. Breakfast buffets in hotels are very well equipped with a lot of fruits, cornflakes, fresh vegetables and delicious juices. You can also take away some apples and bananas to have a healthy snack for your lunchtime. Look at the ratings of the breakfast of the hotel and wake up a little bit earlier in the morning, so you will have enough time for a long breakfast. It is worth it!

Stay fit

There are just a few people who keep themselves fit during a business trip. You sit the whole day on the plane, on the train, in the meeting or even in traffic. But only 15 minutes of efficient training will help you to keep your body and mind fit. If you have a hotel with a gym included you can run on the treadmill or the stepper. You can go for a walk through your neighboorhood and enjoy the fresh air. 15 minutes a day are enough. Your body will thank you.

Fight the jetlag

To reduce the jetlag you should set your clock at the time of your destination even before the flight takes off. If it is possible you should match your sleeprythm to the circumstances. Do not make the mistake and sleep on your flight during the night if it is daytime on your destination. Your body will get used to the time difference and the jetlag has no chance.


With our smart tips you can make it to keep yourself fit and healthy during your next businesstrip. If you feel good in your body than you can do your work a lot better and your businesstrip will be a big success.