Social commitment is important to us



We care a lot about families, especially when they had to deal with a heavy blow. Families with seriously ill children need our help the most. 46.500 children with life-shortening diseases live in Germany. These children have by the time of the diagnosis no hope of cure and die before entering adulthood. The majority wishes for a quiet and peaceful time with their families in a domestic environment for the time they have left together.

The Björn Schulz Foundation was established to help those children and young adults professionally und stand by their side during the hard time they are going through. The foundation is named after little Björn who was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 3 and then died 1982 at the age of 7. After his death, his parents, together with other affected families, established the association “Kinderhilfe” (Help for Children) in 1983. At the start of the 1990s is became clear that there is more help needed to meet the family’s needs. The association became the Björn Schulz Foundation in 1996.

Nowadays the foundation supports families with children who suffer from life-shortening diseases up to the age of 35. It accompanies affected families from the date of the diagnosis through the course of the disease and after the death of the child. The help consists of an ambulatory hospice service, the stationary children’s hospice and other ambulatory services in their home environment.

The children’s hospice “Sonnenhof” offers room for up to 16 seriously ill children including their siblings and parents. In contrast to adult’s hospices, Sonnenhof doesn’t only offer help in the last phase of life but also through the course of the disease and after the death of the child. Furthermore, they put great emphasis on supporting siblings and parents who suffer from the unhappy fate. The offers consist of a playroom, a creative room, music and art therapy, discussion groups and pedagogical support.

The care for the sick children is covered by the nursing charge of the health insurance that regulates stationary and ambulatory hospice services. The fixed day rates are far from being enough to cover all expenses. The family’s residence and their further support are financed via donations. The affected families should not also be burdened financially. Since 2006, the hospice receives yearly the DZI donation seal which attests that all donations are treated economically and statutorily.

We are very happy to be able to make the Björn Schulz Foundation a special Christmas present. In the course of the foundation’s 20th anniversary we held a jubilee celebration in our hotel in Berlin Weißensee with which we were able to generate a considerable amount of donations. The total of 5.800€ will go directly to the foundation.

We are wowed by the foundation’s performance and the personal commitment of all employees and volunteers and are happy to be able to help!