Rip-off on Business Trips


Business Trip

Of course, you should not always expect the worst of your fellows, as you also get surprised in a positive way often enough. Nonetheless, there is a saying that undoubtedly applies: “Better safe than sorry”. This is the reason why we listed the things you should regard on your next business trip in the following, so that you will not get pulled over the barrel.

Data Piracy at ATMs

It occurs that cheaters place unremarkable devices on cashpoints in order to read off important account information from your credit card and to transfer it onto their blank card, so that they can debit money from your bank account. Therefore you should inspect every ATM accurately before using it, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises.  

Overpriced Transfer Services

Often, the transfer service is offered directly by your hotel, and exhausted from your long flight, you gratefully return to it. Unfortunately, often a provision for the hotel is included in the price so that you get away cheaper with a rental car or a cab.

“Defective” Taximeter

Nevertheless, going by cab also has its pitfalls. Is the taximeter allegedly damaged or the driver even refuses to switch it on, you can be sure that you will be pulled over the barrel. So, it could pay off to be patient and to search a new taxi driver.

Causing of supposedly Damages

Dubious rental car companies sometimes blame you for damages already caused beforehand. To debilitate wrong accusations, it is recommended to record any deficiencies per photo or video right at the beginning. The same applies to flaws in the furnishing of the hotel room.

Phantom Withdrawals

Caution is also in order when you pay by credit card and the salesperson claims that the process has been cancelled or that the credit card reader was defective. Ins such cases, the payable amount often is deducted twice from your bank account. Therefore, it is advisable to pay in cash or, in case that you do not have any at hand, to keep your cash voucher and to examine your debitings afterwards.

Phishing Calls in your Hotel Room

Every once in a while, it happens that alleged employees of the hotel call you in your room and pretend that there were problems with your credit card, in order to inquire sensible information. In this instance you should always make sure that this is truly the case by asking at the reception personally. As a general rule it pertains, that you, by no means, share your pin code or the password of your online banking, not even with trustworthy persons.

Expensive Money Exchanges

If you travel to countries with a different currency, you often get offered money exchanges already during the journey. Therewith you certainly come off worse than with bothering the currency exchange offices directly on site. Also when paying by credit card, you have to choose between the local and the home currency. In each case, it makes more sense to pick the first, in order to avoid high exchange rates.

Now, you should not lose your your belief in the good in man. But should it indeed be unjustified once, you are steeled against any fraud attempts on your next business trip now.