Planning Business Trips more carefully



More than 80 percent of the chief executives hold the view that the personal client contact is crucial for a successful business deal. However, particularly foreign travels often present a great burden to the employees, especially regarding the currently prevailing political turmoils. We will reveal the most common stress factors and how you can prevent them by the right planning:

Reasons for stress on business trips

The most common reason for stress on business trips relate to a lack of planning. The prevailing fear is, for instance, to miss the flight or the train and therefore not being able to keep a business appointment. If strikes or political turmoils in the destination make matters worse, a high psychic strain often is unavoidable. This is even enforced by a jam-packed travel planning which allows no flexibility in case of last-minute changes. Moreover, organisational problems can arouse, like invalid travel documents, uncertainties about the import limits of the customs or difficulties with the application of the visa. Additionally, many employees lament long journey times to appointments or conferences due to the unfavorable location of their accommodation.

Intelligent planning

Hence, an intelligent and considerate planning is indispensable in order to avoid unnecessary strains. Sufficient slack time between the connections and including rest periods for the employees, help to reduce stress. Also choosing central accommodations with good connections, but which nonetheless promise calm nights in comfortable beds and good food, can lift a burden from the travellers’ shoulders. Often, it is recommendable to make use of the service of professional business travel agencies. Those will help you already with the travel planning and booking, offer orientation on site and guide the employees in case of emergency. So, the business travellers do not have to concern themselves with organisational matters and can totally focus on business challenges. Because, without doubt, relaxed employees are the more promising negotiation partners.

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