Pavigym - the new way of staying active.


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The new fitness-invention from Spain uses a combination of high-performance flooring, interactive technologies, dynamic designs and training programs for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Whether functional training, yoga or stretching, you can test all of this and much more through the newest technologies. And because we want to provide our guests only the best, there is a Pavigym in our Soulmade by Living Hotels in Garching by now and we will expand it to other Derag-Hotels soon.

How does it work?

Through the interactive “Touchscreen” floor and wall covering and the Pavi-software, you can adapt your training to your indivual needs and your personal level of fitness – uncomplicated, without any other device or instruction. The displayed markings/signs so called spatial reference points, help to perform the exercises in the right way and lower the risk of injury enormous. In the Pavi Functional Zone User can choose from over 600 different exercises as well as example-trainings and find their individual flow. In one training session of only 30 minutes you can train different skills like pace, balance, power, condition etc. with this tool. The Slide Area of the Pavigyms provides a low-friction interface which you can use for different exercises for joint stability, the right body posture and sense of balance. The Pavi-software & -cloud enables the User to track their progress, share it with other community members or on social networks, plan their training or challenge other User.

The Vision

The Vision of the Pavi-founders is determined but simple: Through our ultimate fitness experience we want to make a major contribution to reduce the world-wide lack of movement. According to the motto: “We love our work and you can notice this” they want to implement a new way of training and revolutionize the fitness world.

What are you waiting for?

We, the Soulmade Hotel in Garching brought this brilliant new way of fitness-studio into our Hotel and have found a great (training-)partner in Pavigym. This is going to revolutionize the fitness training of our guests – not only in the Soulmade but also in other Living Hotels. The first encounter between you -our guests- and your new training-partner will be exciting and make you curious about how all the different installations work. But to say it in the words of Demokrit: “Courage is the first step of acting, happiness the last step.” So let’s go to Pavigym und take all the happiness with your hands and feet.