Oktoberfest Trends 2017



After we have already explained you how you should behave on a corporate event in our Oktoberfest etiquette guide, only the suitable fashion is missing for a perfect appearance. And after the first Oktoberfest week, new trends have already crystallized out which we do not want to keep from you:

Oktoberfest trends for women

When it comes to colour, women are totally in vogue with soft pastel shades like rose, taupe, mint, nude or grey. Moreover, high-necked dirndls are very trendy this year or even traditional costumes with long sleeves. A dirndl blouse is indispensable, of course, but who wants to prove their sense of fashion should choose the classical and elegant standing collar here. Aside from that, short mini dirndls are outdated. This season, the dirndl should at least reach down over the knee, but maximally halfway down the calf. Beneath, an underskirt in petticoat style can look out, apposite to the muted colours of the dirndl or in a contrasting colour. In general, one can score with a romantic look in 2017. Therefore, apart from the classic cotton aprons, you will find much silk, taffeta, satin or lace this year on the most beautiful fair in the world. Tenuous patterns, ruffles and playful details are the perfect eyecatcher, but the traditional outfit should by no means appear overloaded. A cute wool cardigan and a trendy traditional hat or cornrows in milkmaid manner round out the overall image. Thereto you should wear comfortable pumps with moderate heels so that you can dance along on the ale-benches and you are ready for a top styled Oktoberfest visit!

Oktoberfest trends for men

Men have it a bit easier with their Oktoberfest styling as there are not so many innovations here. With a short lederhosen, you are always dead on, this year preferably in a used look and of soft material like stag or roe leather. The traditional shirt should be slim fit, but only if the stature allows it, of course. Additionally, the standing collar has its way also among the fellers this season, no matter whether it is the shirt, the jacket or the weskit. Moreover, tasteful details complete the male Oktoberfest outfit. Delicately made buttons, embroideries and a belt with massive buckle to the Lederhosen are totally in line with the trend this season. Alternatively, you can score with the traditional but at the same time highly modern “Charivari”, a chain with coins or animal pieces. But as a general rule applies: everyone should feel comfortable with themselves on the Oktoberfest and wear what they personally like and what looks good on them!

We wish you a lot of fun and a stylish appearance on the Oktoberfest!