Neustifter Kirtag in Vienna: Vienna's most famous Heuriger



Vienna is known for its beautiful old town, its special sense of humor and for the traditional Heuriger, where wine-growers sell wine and food. From August 21st to August 24th Wien the Neustifter Kirtag  in the wine yards of the 19th district, not far from the Living Hotel Kaiser Franz Joseph, is going to be hosted. The Neustifter Kirtag is known for the fact that its visitors appear in lederhosn and dirndl to spend a great time together. Of course, you can also come in you everyday clothes.

The Neustifter Kirtag in the outskirts of Vienna

The Neustifter Kirtag in the outskirts of the 19th district of Vienna is a festival for everyone. Traditionally, the wine-growers from Neustift invite people to enjoy their great wine and food at the end of August. This year the Neustifter Kirtag is going to take place between August 21st and August 24th from 10am to 12am. Many stands and the warm summer nights offer an amazing flair at the Neustifter Kirtag.

A long-lasting tradition

The Neustifter Kirtag is based on a rite from the 18th century. The wine-growers went to the empress Maria Theresia to gift her a thanks-giving-crown and ask for a tax exemption due to a lack of profit. The empress left the crown to the wine growers and agreed to their propasal under the condition that the wine-growers host a wine gathering, the Neustifter Kirtag, annually.  Since then the Kirtag is hosted every year.

Amazing wine and great Heuriger

The Weingut Wolff, Fuhrgassl-Huber and Zeiler are known for its great wine and delicious food. The nice gardens make the guests feel comfortable. While drinking and eating you will enjoy the great atmosphere at the Viennese Heuriger. Traditional music offers entertainment as well.

Two apartment hotels in Vienna with a great connection to the Neustifter Kirtag

The Living Hotel Kaiser Franz Joseph is also located in the 19th district, in the neighborhood of Sievering. It will only take you 8 minutes by car to reach the Neustifter Kirtag. The Living Hotel An der Oper is located in the very city center of Vienna, right next to the opera house. From there you can easily commute to Spittelau and take the bus 41A towards Neustift. We are happy to give you more information on the Neustifter Kirtag in our apartment hotels in Vienna.

We wish you a great stay in our apartment hotels in Vienna and a lot of fun at the Neustifter Kirtag!