Mistakes regarding the travel expenses claim



The claim for travel expenses is unfortunately a necessary evil after every business trip and is rather done reluctantly. Often many questions arise and accordingly also many mistakes happen. In order to help you not to repeat the most common mistakes, we put a list together with things to consider when reporting a claim for travel expenses.

Wrong Amount

Most of the times a wrong comma is enough and the whole claim is wrong. It can be very annoying when 10€ become suddenly 1,000€. Therefor you should check all amounts twice and be concentrated while doing this in order to avoid mistakes.

Malices at Turn of the Year

If you are not able to report your claim for the travel expenses right after your trip, mistakes can happen easily during the turn of the year. You are writing the year 2015 out of habit when it is actually 2016. We recommend: Split your business trips very clear. It must be discernible in which year your business trip took place.

Keep the Receipt

You should keep all your receipts clean and well arranged. Start having a routine and put your receipts in order at the evening when you arrive at the hotel. Doing this will help you having all receipts at hand when necessary. If there is a receipt missing, you can write your own ones. Even restaurant bills where date, location and other details are missing can be hand in later.

1-Day Business Trips

If you are on a one day business trip, that takes till midnight, you have to be careful with the food allowance and if you are entitled for the full amount or just a part. In Germany for instance the food allowance is 12€ for a stay longer than 8 hours. The following day does not count for one day business trips without a overnight stay.