Meeting Room Do's & Don'ts



As we all know, communication is more than just verbal. Our body and mimic send tons of signals about our feelings that can be interpreted by others. Posture and body language often betray someone’s real thoughts. In order to not send the wrong signals during a meeting, you should use your body language effectively. Here are some tips for you how to do this:

What to do against nervousness?

If you feel unsure, you will also show it with your body language. It is important that you are convinced of yourself and your work, only then you can transport your ideas and opinion in front of others. If you are still prone to get nervous and hectic, there are a few tips that help. Smile! No matter if you are really smiling or just faking it. Our body does not differentiate between and sends automatically happy hormones that make you feel relaxed. The right breathing! Breath in and out consciously and regularly. Pay attention how the air gets through your body. The nervousness will disappear only after 4-5 repetitions and you can start your meeting full of self-confidence.

Sovereign Body Language

Open body language: don’t cross your arms and don’t hold your hands on the table. By this you will seem open, interested and self-confident. You should have a straight posture and be slightly leant forward. Straight head posture: Hold your head as straight and calm as possible. That is a sign of a high social status. If you are nervously looking around and moving your head you will seem unsure and unprofessional. Microgesture: Yet small gestures can send wrong signals. Don’t play with your rings and watch. Learn to speak calm and purposeful. By this you will seem self-confident and concentrated.